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Friday | February 23, 2024

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  1. October 10, 2009

    Fun lounge, sexzy sangria, films, art, musicians and great parties!

  2. January 8, 2012

    The Key West Art Bar is no longer in business. This was a unique and wonderful store supplied by local artists. i did a lot of gift shopping here. Please, someone start another Art Bar.

    John Polacek

Key West Art Bar

Hello Gorgeouses! Thanks for visiting us, here at the Key West Art Bar. We just opened on May 1st, Yahoo! The place is beautiful & the town’s all atwitter about great things to come… In addition to the already amazingly beautiful & surprisingly attainable, selection of delectable goodies for sale at the art bar, in terms of jewelry & fine art, there’s MORE! In the wink of a cat’s eye, you’re gonna be able to join us to enjoy our coffee & wine bar, custom framing, art tours for tourists & locals alike, performances, multi-media presentations, classes (on art & much more!), Indy films… the plan is just so big & exciting, I feel like I could POP! (or, drop dead of exhaustion - which ever comes first!). Check out the brand new video, shot by AND, the interview with me, about it , by Faith Michaels at: I’m your primary host at the Art Bar, Barb Benson Grob. The other Gallery Goddesses are Sweet Lorraine (or, ‘Lo’, as we call her) & Rebecca the Brilliant. The three of us have shared in common, a lifetime in the arts. Our backgrounds vary but include everything from years of curating, development, design, artistic fulfillment, a few disasters & most importantly, a true passion for living life creatively & sharing that beautiful joy with others. The Key West Art Bar is far from a typical gallery. This is a ‘Happening Space’ & a happy place. We believe in making money while making a difference & bringing art to the masses. Yes. this is the home of the ART SLUTS & if that wigs you out, we may not be the gallery for you. An ART SLUT is someone who loves the arts indiscriminately. We show fine, beautiful things of all media, but we respect all efforts toward creative expression. We are truly looking forward to sharing this beautiful thing with you, as it unfolds. Thanks for being a part of it. What’s next on the agenda? Our coffee bar will open August 1. We will proudly serve Island Joe’s Coffee, as well as old time favorites like Yoohoo! chocolate soda, Ironbeer & killer classic candies like Bit O Honey, Mary Janes & Chick O Sticks! Michael Shields (local film guru) will start showing on Tuesday nights beginning Aug. 19th… On a KILLER new screen, donated by Jeff, The Awning Guy!! Our big, beautiful, covered deck is now available for private parties of up to 100 people Daily art-movies in the cozy, outdoor lounge will start soon. We’re in talks & will soon be able to offer fine, custom framing to artists & patrons alike. We’re working on things like Art Mafia memberships & an art trip to Cuba for investors… There’s just SO much! Can’t wait to share it with you. Come & see it all in person at the Key West Art Bar!

*Located at the corner of Margaret & Caroline, in the Historic Seaport, Key West, Florida!

  • Key West Art Bar
  • 901 Caroline Street
  • Key West, FL 33040
  • 305-296-0424

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