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Tuesday | July 16, 2024

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Key West Advanced Urgent Care

Key West Urgent Care

Emergency room professional doctors, Digital X-ray, CT scan, Ultrasound,  laboratory, pharmacy, HIV tests, annual physicals. Diagnose – treat medical problems. Open 8AM-8PM DAILY 305-294-0011


Why is Key West Advanced Urgent Care different from a hospital Emergency Room?

Key West Advanced Urgent Care provides most of the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of an ER facility. Our Key West Emergency Room doctors are dedicated Emergency Physicians.

We can specialize on your immediate medical needs. Also, our in-house laboratory, state of the art CT scan, ultrasound and digital x-ray are dedicated to YOU. They are not being shared by an entire hospital. This one fact lowers your wait time for studies and results.

Why should I contact the Key West Advanced Urgent Care facility?

Key West Advanced Urgent Care can handle medical emergencies for most all medical situations quickly and efficiently. Save time, Save money, Get well.

Is my medical insurance accepted by Key West Advanced Urgent Care?

Key West Advanced Urgent Care accepts the majority of insurance programs including Medicare along with credit cards, debit cards and cash. Affordable rates are available for those wishing to pay cash. At this time, we do NOT accept Medicaid.

Tell me more…

Key West Advanced Urgent Care’s Emergency Room Physicians,  are trained to be certain that your conditions are not those of a more serious illness. They are also trained to simultaneously provide you with relief from severe symptoms (i.e. pain, vomiting).

This may be as easy as talking with you and performing a brief exam. A typical example would be an earache that began after you were swimming all week. Another would be a bad cut that requires stitches but has not injured a nerve or tendon. We are comfortable evaluating and treating these and most other minor illness or injuries. For other problems such as broken bones we may need to do a more extensive exam.

For more information, please call our office (305) 294-0011, 8AM-8PM daily or visit our web site

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