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Wednesday | March 21, 2018

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***AQUA IDOL, WEEK # 10 ….MARCH 20……We started Aqua idol on Jan. 16….Hard to believe how quickly it has all flown by!!!…. And now we are down to the final two weeks…. On March 13, another SRO audience, heard our wonderful vocalists belt out amazing tunes for the benefit of our esteemed Waterfront Playhouse!!! Showtime is at 6:30- 8 pm, but I HIGHLY recommend that you come early for a good seat to hear some of the best vocalists around town. When I say early…. I am not kidding…. People are there at 4:30…. Many bring pizzas, sandwiches, munchies, etc. to kill time until show time! You also want to try and stay for the entire 1 ½ hours so you don’t miss hearing these great voices. I also am requesting that there be NO smoking during the show in respect for our singers and non-smoking audience members!

Last week was a glorious evening for sure! Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Richard Quint. Our remaining contestants will be singing Power Ballads….Contestants who will be singing are LAUREN THOMPSON …ERICA BUTTERS…ADAM SWEITZER… JERRY DOWNS …JIM SPEAKE…NICHOLAS MCBRIDE …VICKY MARTIN…AND RYAN WOJCIK !!! There will be a double elimination afterward. Joining Tony Konrath and me as Guest Judge is the fabulous, renowned Trop Rock singer/songwriter, HOWARD LIVINGSTON!!! He will also be singing a Guest Song!!! The only remaining Aqua Idol date after Tuesday the 20th is March27, our GRAND FINALE!!! No admission !!! No minimum! Donate Generously to your fave singers. This is the VERY BEST FREE show to attend, in town!!!! I promise!!! Note that On March 27, Six vocalists will sing for their lives…. It is only what they receive on that last night that will determine the Order, from 1 to 6!!!!! The Top 4 will receive major Prize Packages and #5 & #6 will receive Consolation Prizes for their wonderful participation.

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVE AQUA IDOL VOCALITS ONLINE!!!! EASY TO DO!!….You can NOW go online and donate to your favorite vocalist on the Waterfront Playhouse Website. This is how it works. Go to Hit the word SUPPORT at the top of the site. Then hit DONATE. There will be several rectangular shaped boxes that will pop up under Donate…. Hit the box that says Waterfront Playhouse. Voila! All the names of the contestants will magically appear! Then, go from there. Hit the name of the person you want to donate to. Put Waterfront Playhouse in the next block if you choose… just follow the steps, using your credit card to donate to whomever you choose. All money raised online by a contestant online by 5 pm on Jan. 23 will be added to the bucket total raised by that contestant on Jan. 23. So if a singer raises $100 singing live at Aqua, and $100 is donated to that singer online, the total for that night for that singer would be $200. The singer raising the least amount on Jan. 23 will be eliminated on Jan. 30. On Feb. 6 there will probably be another double or triple elimination. Please be generous and thanks for supporting these wonderful contestants and the Waterfront Playhouse!!! (Note that it is possible for you to do this on your computer and your cell phone! Voting for Feb. 20 will begin on Feb. 14 until 5 pm on Feb. 20…all money online will then be added to the contestant’s bucket total at the end of the evening.)

CAN YOU HELP WITH AQUA IDOL PRIZE PACKAGE?… I love our vocalists who are giving of their time and talent for 11 weeks to raise $$$ for the Waterfront Playhouse and hope you do too!!!! I try to get a wonderful prize package together for the Top 4 Contestants. I am asking for your help in this regard. Please find it in your heart to donate to this cause. You can donate cash online by going to… Then click on Support, and then Donate Online…. Click on the Waterfront Playhouse box, and the names of the contestants pop up along with AQUA IDOL. If you hit that, and then put the name Waterfront Playhouse in the Recognition Note box, whatever you donate to Idol will go to the prize package and is tax deductible. Then you can go from there donating with your credit card. Checks made out to The Waterfront Playhouse with Aqua Idol on the memo space are also most welcome. If you want to donate gift certificates to shops, restaurants… objects of art, services, jewelry, etc…. I am open to anything you care to donate… My dear husband Bob and I will make provisions to pick anything up that may need picking up… You can call me at 305-393-6273 and we can come up with pick up or delivery ways. Many of you reading this have been very helpful in the past and I thank you deeply and with all my heart!!!

KATE MIANO WITHDRAWS FROM MAYORAL RACE….After having a huge turnout at her Kickoff Party, in support of her announcement to run for Mayor, Kate has decided that this is not the opportune time for it, and so, after much soul searching and deliberation, she has withdrawn. She has suffered some personal setbacks since the Kickoff Party and is emotionally drained. She has thrown all her support to candidate, TERI JOHNSTON, with whom she shared very similar views on Key West and issues confronting it. We love our Katie.

SAYING GOODBYE TO DANNY AND HELLO TO TOM….. As you all know, Danny Weathers has resigned from the Waterfront Playhouse, after 17 seasons, and Tom Thayer has been appointed as its new Artistic Director, effective on July1, 2018. Danny will be deeply missed but we are excited to welcome Tom Thayer, who with his partner, John McDonald, created and operated the successful Roxy Center for the Arts and Education in Clarksville, TN for 33 years. Danny and Tom are currently working on the 2018-19 Season which will be announced in May.

***HEAD’S UP ON MAY 7 FAREWELL ROAST FOR DEPARTING DANNY WEATHERS…. Tix are now on sale for this sure-to-be-memorable evening as the community gathers to Roast departing Waterfront Playhouse Artistic Director, DANNY WEATHERS…. May 7th at Lateda, 1125 Duval St. Emcee is VICKI ROUSH….To reserve your tickets, go online to …. tix for Dinner & Show starting at 6 pm, $150 each…. Tix for only the Roast/Show, starting at 8 pm, are $50 . Dinner will be served in the Mezzanine….. Show in the Crystal Room. Vicki, along with some of Danny’s nearest and dearest, will be ‘roasting’ dear DANNY in their own special way… all in good fun, for sure…hahahaha!!!! Limited tickets are being sold, so buy now!

****HEADS’S UP ON TIX FOR THE WATERFRONT PLAYHOUSE GALA, APRIL 7…. A glorious evening under the stars at a most beautiful home at 612 Olivia St. $150 for members and $175 for non. Limited tix being sold for this event. Fab food, Open Bar, Silent Auction….in a sensational setting…. For tix call 305-294-5015 or go online to

JON MCINTOSH PASSES AWAY…. Key West is reeling with the very sad news that darling and very talented artist, Jon McIntosh, died on March 12. We all saw him as recently as March 9th at The Gardens Hotel Kickoff Party for Kate. He gave me two Gift Certificates to the Lucky Street Gallery…. I thanked him profusely and we kissed and said, “Love you Jon”…. He beamed and said he was elated to help…. That was Jon…. Kind and fun and giving and full of life…. We lost one of Key West’s shining stars….our town is a lot less colorful!

****PLEASE READ!!!!!!! FOOD FOR THOUGHT PROGRAM AT KW HIGH SCHOOL….Did you know that every day, 200 at risk students at KW High don’t go home hungry, thanks to this organization? Students receive a meal to either eat after school or to bring home for dinner. Hurricane Irma intensified the need for this program and has put an even greater demand on this after school food program. You are asked to help feel these needy students by either taking a day each month to donate sandwiches, pizza, roll ups or any food that is easy to pick up and go…. Or by making a $250 donation which would cover the food expense for the day. The food can be dropped off anytime from 9 am to 1:45 at the KW High School front office on Flagler. If you choose to make a $250 donation contribution to cover the cost of food for one day, you donation is tax deductible. A 501C3 letter is available for tax purposes and checks should be made to Key West High School. If you aren’t able to pay for an entire day, any food, financial support or help with food prep would be greatly appreciated. For more info on how you can help please contact Diana Damewood… or call her at 703-928-2705…. Or Nora Revelin revelinn@comcast,net 786-247-8683. Any and all monetary donations are accepted….. You can also contact Gail Lima at 305-304-2248. Hard to believe that this affluent little town has such a need, isn’t it?

TAVERN N TOWN…MARCH 20,27…. It’s Carmen Rodriguez & Michael Thomas from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge!

FIONA MOLLOY AT THE KW BITE, MARCH 20,27….Fiona performs from 7:30 10:30 pm at this great spot, formerly known as PT’s Late Night…. A wonderful singer with a voice like an angel…

CONCH REPBULIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 20 &27…. Black & Skabuddah from 5 to 9 pm!!!

HOG’S BREATH, MAR.20,21,22….1 pm, Joel Nelson…. 5 pm, Oren Polak….

SCHOONER WHARF, MAR.20,27… 12 TO 5 PM, Gary Hempsey… 6:30-11 pm, Tom Taylor Duo.

LOUIS PETRONE’S NEW BOOK IS OUT!!!… A great gift! The book entitled, “IRMA & ME” is available to purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and KoboBooks. It is Lou’s tale of how Hurricane Irma chased him to Pompano…then Atlanta and finally to Birmingham….the 12 days with the Thorntons and five other evacuees and three dogs!!! If you enjoy Louis’s daily blog…you will LOVE his new book!

THE TENNESSEE WILLIAMS MUSEUM IS OPEN…….Located at 513 Truman Ave…Hours are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm every day…Admission is $7. Children under 6, and military are admitted Free. Check out the great new Museum Store. This Museum is now under the umbrella of the Art & Historical Society. Bravo Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt for all your amazing efforts….

NATIVE GARDENS” OPENS AT RED BARN ON MARCH 20…Hilarious comedy directed by Murphy Davis…..stars Bob Bowersox, Rebecca Gleason, Luis Febo and Morgan Fraga… Show reuns trough April 7… Get tix NOW at 305-296-9911 go online to

GRUNTS, MARCH 20,27…. Peter Diamond, Tim McAlpine and Mark Rose perform from 8 to 10:30 pm.

LATEDA, MARCH 20… The Fab Spectrelles at 8:30 pm in the Lounge… Christopher Peterson performs In the Crystal Room at 9 pm.

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MARCH 20…Mayer Kirby Mayer concert…$$$ at 2 pm….get tix at ticket leap….5 pm, High South… 9 pm, The Company Store…

VIRGILIO’S ON MARCH 20…. The Savage Beets at 9 pm with Chris Case, Skippo, Keith Snyder.

**ROCK SOLOMON BRINGS BACK JAZZ AGE RETROSPECTACULAR….To find out more information about the Mystery Dinner with all details…. Call 305-570-3000 or go to to reserve or for more information. Future dates for this fabulous evening are April 16, May 14 June 18 and July 16. VIP ticket includes a cocktail hour with one comp drink and bites plus a three course gourmet dinner, interactive mystery theatre and live music from the Jazz Age..There are also lower-priced Bar Seats available… Wear your best retro-Gatsby threads for a chance to win prizes in the best-dressed costume contest. These Mystery Dinner Nights are held at the wonderful FIRST FLIGHT RESTAURANT (formerly Kelly’s) on Whitehead St…First Flight was the original home of Pan American Airlines!!

GET TIX NOW FOR REMAINING WATERFRONT PLAYHOUSE SHOWS… Production #4…. A reprise of the vastly successful musical ‘AVENUE Q’…..March 27-April 14….This musical sold out every night in 2017!!! Danny Weathers, directs. Production #5….’THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA McBRIDE’…directed by Danny Weathers…May 2-May 26…. A comedy with music!!!! Christopher Peterson stars! Go online to or call 305-294-5015 for tix….Season Tix are on sale! You do NOT want to be disappointed.

BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY LISTS….If you would like to be included in the Birthday and Anniversary Lists that I send out every month, please let me know your month and day by sending that info to me at There are special perks to being on the lists!!!! One of the perks is having your name in KONK Life on the day of your Birthday!

PRAYER CHAIN…..Please continue to remember the following in your thoughts and prayers…the family & friends of Jon McIntosh….the family & friends of Bill Barry …the family of Jim Orzech….Jacob Gelt Dekker…Bella Rettenwander…..the Stashenko Family on the loss of their dear son …Chuck Newman…Diane Covan …Rev. Larry Hooper… Skipper Kripitz…Bill Porter …Mary Lynn & Donald Furth … Pat West…good friend, Michael ….Kevin Gallagher …Joe Dallas Sr….Jan Cernan …Terri Seargent …Bill Welch … Charlie Allen …Judy Davis … Lou Ann Cymont… Shannon Farnsworth … Cheryl Waclchli … Terri White…. Donna Barnett …John Padget… ….…Snake Collins …. Dan Collins …..Eric Nelson ….Gary Rivenson …Todd Reifschneider ……Nauni Bailou… Jodyrae Campbell …Pat Waller …..Millie Chawlew….Brian Belanger …..Maggie & Mike Domski ……Jacob Gelt Dekker ……. Lee Knight … …Frank Gren … Maryann Reifschneider …Sherrey Welch …Marta White ….Walter Lepperd…Wally Stevens…. Sandy Abookire…. Peter Deksmith ….. …Bill Lodermeir… …George Kling …. …Richard and Betty Carraway ……Lottie Domski …Carey Moore ….Anne McKee … Ron Burns …..Teresa Lawson ……. Tony Martinez … Star Husky… Ron Maranian …Marec Yooree …Virgil Williams . … Pamella C. Bocdow. …Dee Dee Duecker … Karla Muir … Vincent Gregory …Tony Freese… Jennifer O’Lear …Margaret Taylor … Roland Ryper …Patrick Richards. Remember, there are many reasons that we pray…not just because people are ill…. I do believe that when we all send prayers and good vibes to those in need, those prayers mystically meet and surround those being prayed for. Sometimes we pray for miracles and the impossible….sometimes we pray to just cope with the results of what happens to those we are praying for. Sometimes we pray for strength to go on and to accept…sometimes we pray for thanksgiving. We are in this thing called ‘Life’ together….and we all have power within us to help our fellow man. Bless you for remembering our loved ones….Prayer changes things! Let me know if you know of anyone who should be added to this list.

PLEASE READ THIS ABOUT THE SOS FOUNDATION IN KEY WEST…. The SOS strives to end hunger and poverty in Monroe County…HOW? By assisting the working poor through food assistance. The people involved with this program are our real live angels on earth. They work diligently and give from the heart and their sole satisfaction is that the people they are serving are not going to bed hungry. Their mission is to lead the movement and nurture the belief that together we can improve the lives of Monroe County residents by ending hunger. To find out more contact Carmen Garcia at To help with funding please go to this link…. God bless!!

FKSPCA HAS NEW BRICK PROGRAM….This is a special buy a brick and have it inscribed with a special name and message that will be placed on the walkway of the new Animal Shelter…a great gift for someone very special. For more info go to Bricks are $250 each. This will help the building fund of the new FKSPCA Shelter…..To complete and furnish the bldg., $700,000 more dollars are needed. You can engrave this brick with a permanent memory…honor a family member, someone special…or a beloved pet. You can order a brick online by going to

RYAN MICHAEL WOJCIK…. This new fellow in town, and one of this year’s Aqua Idol singers, is a professional makeup artist….He is available for fashion shows, weddings, events, etc. You can check his website at or call him at 760-898-1323. He is also currently a bartender and server and is looking for a job. You can also contact him at that number.

****IMPORTANT…PLEASE READ.. HOW TO AVOID CONFLICT WITH SEEING CLOSING OF AQUA IDOL AND THE BERNSTEIN CONCERT….HEADS UP ON MARCH 27 & MARCH 28 CONCERT PRESENTED BY IMPROMPTU… There will be a wonderful FREE performance of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Conch Town’, his unfinished ballet written during his first stay in Key West…. on two nights, Tuesday, March 27 and Wed., March 28….at 7 pm at The Studios, 533 Eaton St. This recently discovered piano four-hand version is followed by a discussion of how ‘Conch Town’ laid the foundation for music that Bernstein wrote thru his career….along with personal memories shared by an array of people in KW who knew Lenny! Why am I telling you all this now? Seating is limited…. AND most of all, I want all those who support the Waterfront Playhouse and Aqua Idol to be aware that the FINALE of Aqua Idol for the Waterfront Playhouse happens to be on Tuesday March 27. Sooo… if you want to attend this FREE concert, and also be at the Aqua Idol Finale, which is always fabulous….please get your reservation for Wednesday, March 28. You can do this now by emailing Jim Burnett at Only 200 persons will be allowed to be at either performance….so act NOW! And thanks for supporting the Waterfront Playhouse! And…Impromptu Concerts in Key West!!!

CHECK OUT WWW.KEYSTIX.COM…. Go online to see all the upcoming shows on the stage at Tennessee Williams Theatre and at other venues around town. Tix on sale NOW for many shows.

BOB FRECHETTE=FABULOUS REALTOR IN TOWN!!!!…..Need a realtor in town? My husband BOB FRECHETTE IS YOUR MAN!!!! He has been with the marvelous Compass Realty ( NOW Keller-Williams Compass) for 18 years …Give him a call at 305-304-2584! Email him at He is the best! I promise!!!! Honest, Loyal, Fair, and Adorable too!!! He will have only your best interests at heart.

TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN NEEDS VOLUNTEER MENTORS….Needs 50 mentors to work with dedicated students….If interested call Karla Quintana at 305-293-1546 or email her at

THE RED BARN REMAINING SHOWS.. March 20 thru April 7…. “Native Gardens”…. Hilarious new comedy starring Bob Bowersox, Rebecca Gleason, Luis Febo and Morgan Fraga…directed by Murphy Davis … April 17-May 5, “Cry It Out” …stars Erin McKenna, Amber Good McDonald and Michael Castellano…. Directed by Joy Hawkins. Season Subscriptions are available that include all four main stage productions, etc. Go to to see all Subscription packages, etc. For more info call 305-296-9911.

JODYRAE AND MEGAN CAN ENTERTAIN FOR PRIVATE PARTIES!!!..Talented pianist/singer, Megan Constantine and vocalist extaordinaire, Jodyrae Campbell can be hired to play for private parties and events during the season! Book them for your holiday/Christmas parties now. They have their own equipment and would love to make a night at your home or your event extra special! They are also very reasonable. To contact them call 305-587-1499… or you can leave a message for Joyrae on Facebook or email her at jodyraecampbell@yahoo,com

A PUN FOR YOU….A book called “Current Trends in Wiring Your House’ turned out to be a shocking failure!


LATEDA, MARCH 21…. The Spectrelles perform at 8:30 pm…!!!!! Christopher Peterson at 9 pm in the Crystal Room.

AT BOOKS & BOOKS, MARCH 21…At 6 pm at 533 Eaton St…. Author Tayani Jones will be there to discuss her book, ‘An American Marriage’…. This book is on Oprah’s 2018 Book Club Selection.

KEY WEST THEATER, MARCH 21…. Mike Love performs at 8 pm. 512 Eaton St.

TAVERN N TOWN, MAR. 21….Mike Emerson entertains from 5- 9 pm in the Lounge…

AL ROMANO AT OCEAN GRILLE ON MARCH 21,28….From 6 to 9 pm, Al will be singing all your fave Sinatra, Drifters, Elvis, and Rat Pack tunes!!!! Ocean Grille is the former Square One and is located on Duval Square!!!!

MANGOES PRESENTS DAVE BOOTLE!!!MARCH 21,22,23,24….Every Wednesday through Saturday, Dave Bootle is rockin’ Mangoes! Mangoes is in its glory!!! People are dining, dancing, drinking and a havin’ a blast!!!! 9 to Midnight…

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD, MAR.21…. Jeff Clark at 5-9 pm.

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MAR. 21….Andy Wescott at 5 pm….RB Toler & the Tuna Dippers, at 9pm

THE GREEN PARROT, MARCH 21 & 22… The E’Claires at 5:30, 9 and 11 pm.

GRUNTS, MARCH 21,28…. Eric Levy performs from 7 to 11:30 pm.

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 21 & 28….Frankendread, noon to 5 pm… Raven Cooper, 7-11 pm.

WINE BINGO AT VINO’S MARCH 21….7 to 9 pm… 810 Duval St…..beneifts the KW Montessori School…. Emcee is Greg Daniels.

*AN EVENING OF DANCE… COFFEE MILL COLLECTIVE, MAY 21… 7:30 pm at Tennessee Williams Theatre….Guest star will be Mary Kay Cottrill who will perform an extraordinary eve of dance with the student dance company… featuring excerpts from the ballet, ‘Paquita’… plus other works from their repertoire. The Young Dance Collective (YDC) is a pre-pro company that performs thru the community… proceeds go toward helping them reach their goal of becoming non profit. Tix are $20, $25, and $30 on sale at We love and support the Coffee Mill!


AVENUE Q’ OPENS AT WATERFRONT PLAYHOUSE ON MARCH 29…. Back by popular demand is this sensationally hilarious and delightful Tony Award Winning musical…. (opens in preview on March 27&28)….Directed by Danny Weathers, with set design by Michael Boyer, and musical direction by Michael Fauss….choreography by Penny Leto … and brilliant all-star cast consisting of Kristen Michelle, Brian Hall, Jeremy Zoma, Susannah Wells, Justin Ahearn, Lora Nicolas, Juanita Green ! You are in for a huge treat… Last year this show sold out every night….so if you missed it last year, now is your chance to see it….and if you saw it last year, you KNOW you want to see it again! I know I sure do!!! Get tix at or call 305-294-5015. This show runs through April 14th, so get tix NOW so you are not disappointed.

BILL MELCHIOR ENTERTAINS AT KEY WEST BITE…MARCH 22,29….Smooth as silk singer, Bill Melchior, last year’s Waterfront Playhouse Aqua Idol winner, is entertaining at the Key Bite from 6 to 8 pm. Great spot for dining and good listening!

BO’S FISHWAGON, MARCH 22,29…..Every Thursday, from 6 to 9 pm…. the Magnolia Band performs… a unique blend of Cajun, country and bluegrass…Led by singer, Maggie Mniz with Steve Gibson on the Mandolin and Chuck Sherman on pedal steel…. Get ready for a toe tappin’ evening! Located on Caroline at William St.

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MAR.22… Rick Fusco from 5 to 9 pm.

GRUNTS, MARCH 22 29…. The Shanty Hounds from 7 to 10 pm.

THE GARDENS HOTEL MARCH 22,29…. Jimmy Olson and Friends at 5-7 pm at 526 Angela St.

COMEDY AT BOTTLECAP ON THURS. & FRI. MARCH 22,23,29,30… 7:30-10 pm….1128 Simonton St….Get tix at Every Thursday & Friday night. Laugh your keaster off!!! $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Top notch comedians are booked every week, and our locals are REALLY hilarious too!!!!

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 22… Michael McCloud, 12-5… 6:30-11pm, Steal Pan Duo.

HARD ROCK CAFÉ, MARCH 22… Chris Thomas performs from 7 to 9 pm.

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MARCH 22… Andy Wescott at 5 pm…. Caffeine Carl at 9 pm.

LATEDA, MARCH 22 & 29……3 SUM entertains at 8:30 pm till 11:30 pm…in the Lounge! … It’s Randy Roberts in the Crystal Room at 9 pm!

TAVERN N TOWN MARCH 22,29….Carmen Rodriguez & Michael Thomas perform from 5 to 9 pm….

ART & HISTORICAL SOCIETY DISTINGUISHED SPEAKER, MAR. 22….Speaker is Theresa Schober, archeologist, educator, and noted expert on Calusa Indian Life … at 6 pm at Old City Hall, 510 Green St… The talk will be about late 19th cent…..tix are $5 for members and $10 for non. To obtain tix or to get more information, go to, or call 305-295-6616 x:115. Theresa will discuss ‘Escampaba: the Kingdom of Carlos’, her documentary about the Calusa capital village of Mound Key a 125 acre archeology site and park

**SAMUEL’S HOUSE, WOMEN OF INTEGRITY AND MEN OF VALOR… DINNER ON MARCH 22….Get tickets NOW for this wonderful event. 6 pm at Marriott Beachside Hotel… $75 for sit-down dinner….. cash bar, silent auction….For reservations call Tanya Leto at 305-296-0240 Ext. 118. Honorees are, SKIPPER KRIPITZ (The Arts), SEAN BRANDENBURG,(Law Enforcement), REV. TERRI HILL (Faith Based)… DR. JOHN NORRIS (Medical Service) ….PHYLLIS MICHAELIS (Volunteer), THOMAS GRAY (Homeless Advocate), Dr. JULIE FLOYD (medical service) CHERYL CATES (Overall Community) , BILL BECKER (Radio Voice of Hope & encouragement), AND ‘Circle of Heroes Honorees, ROBERT SPOTTSWOOD, JOHN TRAVADO, DANNY & MURANO HUGHES, CLIF TAYLOR…. and INSURANCE CARE DIRECT…. AND …HELEN GARCIA (Board of Directors at Samuel’s House)….If you want to support one of these Honorees, let Tanya know so she can place you close to that particular table or AT that table.

*COME AS YOU ART GALA AT THE STUDIOS, MARCH 22….Dress as your fave artist, writer or cultural concoction, or just come as your fab self….7 to 10 pm at 533 Eaton St. Includes, food, open bar, music and dance and creativity….Go to for tickets…..Benefits The Studios of Key West.

SOUTHERNMOST CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY, MARCH 22…. 7 pm…. Four hand Extravaganza…. Tim Peterson and Ann McFarland…. Tix are $30. For more info go to

AT BOOKS & BOOKS, MARCH 29….6 pm at 533 Eaton St. Guest speaker will be Arlo Haskell who will discuss his new book, ‘The Jews of Key West’….he will be joined by his wife, Ashley Kamen. FREE and open to all

FRINGE THEATER, READING OF SHORT PLAYS, MAR.29….These plays are by Toby Armour…. Mark calendars…. Karen Leonard will direct … location TBD…. 7 pm… If you are interested in being a reader, send a note to

THANKFUL ON THURSDAY….VERY special thanks to Jimmy Olson….Billy Cartledge & Jim Hall …Jerry Galeana….The Paradise Big Band….For all the Aqua Idol contestants…. For all those who are donating to the Aqua Idol prize package


DEBRA DEAN & PATRICK LAWLER UPDATE…. Our precious Debra & Patrick who were an entertainment staple in Key West for years…. Are doing well…. Debra called me on Saturday and we had a great chat. You may know that Patrick Lawler had some health challenges this past year….. heart issues requiring surgery and many life alterations…. But all is well and they are back performing… check their web site out to find their complete schedule. They really miss Key West and look forward to gigs opening up here in the months to come! And boy, do we miss them!!!!!

FISH FRY FRIDAY AT ST. MARY’S, MAR. 23 & 30.….5 to 7:30 pm…..All proceeds benefit the School at St. Mary’s. Dinner is $12….served in the Klaus Murphy Center. Baked or fried fish, conch fritters, pasta salad and dessert. ALL invited.

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 23,30…. Mike Emerson performs from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge!

THE GARDENS HOTEL, MARCH 23,30…. Michael Robinson and Eric Haley entertain from 5 to 9 pm… Congrats to Michael and Eric on a fabulous cabaret show at Tennessee Williams Theatre on March 10 & 11! Bravo!!!!

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 23….noon to 5, Michael McCloud… 6:30-11:30 pm, Soul Bush Band….

HOG’S BREATH, MARCH 23 & 24… 1 PM, Barry Cuda I Kenny Fradley….5 pm, Oren Polak….

LATEDA…MARCH 23 & 30….3 Sum in the Lounge at 8:30 pm… Randy Roberts performs in the Crystal Room at 9 pm.

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MAR. 23..Noon to 4 pm, Mike Naughton… 5-9 pm, Tom Taylor….

GREEN PARROT, MARCH 23 & 24…Eric Lindell at 5:30,9 and 11 pm.

LEGION MARKETPLACE, MAR.23,30… Every Friday from 10 am to 2 pm, 5610 College Rd. …call 305-294-7117 for info.

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MARCH 23 & 24…. Andy Wescott at 5 pm… The Heavy Pets at 9 pm.

FL KEYWS SPCA SPRING SOCIAL, MARCH 23… Key West Golf Club Club House…. 5:30, VIP Champagne Reception & Appetizers…. 6:30 doors open for General Admission … $55 Gen. Admission/$125 VIP Preferred Dinner Seating/ $800 VIP Preferred Dinner Seating for 8/Get General Admission tix at The Shelter, at the door, and at VIP tix at Please leave all pets at home. MC is Rude Gril…. Music by Capt. Josh and Bassman Bill…. Auctioneer, Chris Bensen… Comp beer and wine with cash liquor bar… Silent Auction… Live Auction & 50-50 Raffle! Comp beer & wine by Fla Keys Brewing Co. and Lateda! Dinner by Ooutback, Ocean Grill, New York Pasta Garden & Camille’s! Come an celebrate our soon to be opening of the new Facility on Stock Island!

THREE DOG NIGHT ON MARCH 23… At KW Theater, 512 Eaton St. For ticket info go to 8 pm.

ELLEN CHERRY IN CONCDRT, MARCH 30…at The Studios, 533 Eaton St….8 pm….Former artist in residence returns to present a show on portraits of powerful women in history. Get tix at


ALL INVITED TO ‘MARCH FOR OUR LIVES-KEY WEST’, MARCH 24….Gather at noon at South Beach in the 1400 Block.…. March starts from there at 1 pm… to Mallory Square…. This will happen in towns and cities all across the country. Speakers include local leaders, those affected by gun violence…teachers and students will speak out. Voter registration will also take place. No partisan signs or posters. This March wants to send a message to officials that 1) they must ban the sale of assault weapons as used in Vegas, Orlando, Sutherland, Sandy Hook, etc. 2)…must prohibit the sale of high capacity weapons used at so many mass shootings….3)…prevent allowing dangerous people to buy firearms, who slip through the cracks and buy guns online or at gun shows. Our children should no longer have to fear for their lives when they go to school each day. For more info contact Zoe Jackson at

DANCE KEY WEST, MARCH 24….. 7 to 8 pm at The Studios, 533 Eaton St…. Kyla Piscopink and New Orleans-based singer songwriter Keith Bunrstein are co-producing a duet show …..See their exiting new works! $20 for tix…. Get tix at

LATEDA, MARCH 24… Christopher Peterson’s Eyecons Show in the Crystal room at 9 pm.

SCHOONER WHARF, MAR.24…Michael McCloud at noon to 5…. Raven Cooper Band from 7:00-Midnight…

ISLE COOK, MAR.24,31…. 218 Whitehead St….2 to 3:30 pm…. regional wine and food event every Saturday….everyone is talking about how great this is! Go to for info and details!!!

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 24,31….The incomparable Bobby Nesbitt performs from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge.

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO, MAR. 24…. Noon to 4, Living the Dream… Tony Baltimore from 5 to 9 pm.

THE GARDENS HOTEL, MARCH 24,31…. Jimmy Olson will play all your fave Irish songs from 5 to 7 pm…. 526 Angela St.

EQUALITY FLORIDA ANNUAL CELEBRATION, MARCH 24….5:30- 8 pm at Truman Little White House 111 Front St. in the Annex. Live music, an appetizer buffet, a short program and free guided tours of the Little White House will be featured. The Voice of Equality Award will go to Jim & Cathy Stentzel for their unwavering support. Raffle tickets for a painting by Jim Salem will be available… Limited bike parking….no car parking available at White House, so suggested parking is at Margaritaville Parking Garage, the Post Office or Thomas St. Also, consider using the Duval Loop…disembark at PO. For more info contact Evie Evers Kling at 305-296-3267.

REMARCABLE DANCE PROJECT, APRIL 29….4 pm at The Studios, 533 Eaton St…. An innovative dance program combining the talents of Dance Key West and MARC House members,….Inspirational and heart touching performances by adults with developmental disabilities… culminating with a dance party with members and those in the audience. Donations welcome.

KEY WEST CEMETERY STROLL, MARCH 24….Small groups are taken on a tour… these tours depart at 9:30, 9:50 and 10:10 am…. Reservations a MUST… call 305-304-1453. Tour runs about 90 minutes. Wear comfy shoes and plan to walk about a mile over uneven ground. $20 donation requested. Enter by Francis St. Gate

GREAT EGG HUNT ON MARCH 24….Migration Mania & Great Egg Hunt at the KW Tropical Forest & Botanic Garden….Search for over 6,000 eggs…activities, exhibits, entertainment, face painting, aquatic touch pool, pie walk contest and bird watching …Our mounted police will be there atop their trusty steeds…. Hours are 10 am to 2 pm… Admission is $5 per child….Children under 3, free…. Proceeds go to KWBGS Education Dept. and the work it does for schools. 11 am, 3 yr old hunt…. Noon, 4-6 yr. old hunt …. 1 pm, 7-10 yr. old hunt.

SOUTHERNMOST COCONUT CASTAWAY JUMP UP ON MARCH 31….1 to 4 pm at Mangoes at 700 Duval St. Music by Ericson Holt….benefits Sister Season Fund… Raffles, drawings, prizes, special prices on drinks and food… Open to the public.

HAPPY MARCH 25 BIRTHDAY TO…HY CONRAD … DOUG STRIPP … ALICE KELLEY … JEANETTE PARTILLA… (Please remember Rose Frechette, Fran Verral, and Neal Ruchman.)

IMPROMPTU CONCERT, MARCH 25….4 pm at St. Paul’s Church….. $20…. Clarinetist, Jose Franch-Ballester and pianist Michael Brown perform at 401 Eaton St. Two Bernstein pieces will be performed and other compositions. This is the last Impromptu Concert of the season.

OLD STONE COFFEE HOUSE, MARCH 25….Adrienne Z is back at the Old Stone Coffee House..come and enjoy coffee, soulful sounds and listen and learn… 11:00 am at 600 Eaton St.

BLUE HEAVEN ON MARCH 25…. 6:30 PM…. It’s Skipper Kripitz and Leanna Collins performing.

NEW VENUE FOR SHOWS IN TOWN..MARCH 25….Every Sunday from 6:30-8 pm, there will be a whole new series of local acts at Aqua Nightclub’s Main Front Stage at 711 Duval St. Created by Ric Dery, tickets are available on and all ticket sales go to the performer. If you are interested in doing a show during this time slot at the Side Bar, contact Ric Dery at 305-393-3092. Or email him at Brilliant idea!

AL ROMANO AT OCEAN GRILLE, MARCH 25…..1075 Duval St…. Crooner, Al Romano entertains from noon to 3 pm for brunch….

AT GARDENS HOTEL, MARCH 25…. It’s Libby York with Tim McAlpine, Joe Dallas, and Mark Rose.

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, …MARCH 25…Kristen McNamara at 5 pm… 9 pm, Marshall Morlock Band.

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., Mar. 25….12 to 4pm, Nick Norman…5-9pm, The Shanty Hounds…

HOG’S BREATH, MARCH 25….1 pm, Chris Thomas….5 pm, Oren Polak.

GREEN PARROT, MARCH 25… Jazz at 1 pm. Eric Lindell at 5:30 pm…. The Heavy Pets at 8 pm.

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 25…Noon to 5 pm, Michael McCloud….7-11 pm…Black & Skabuddah….

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 25, APRIL 1…. Rob DiStasi entertains from 5 to 9 pm.

LATEDA, MARCH 25…. TEA Dance at 4 pm…. 3 Sum performs at 8:30 pm.

EASTER AT THE ANIMAL FARM ON MARCH 25….The Easter Bunny will be there for photos with the kiddies of all ages…. 1 to 3 pm…. located on Stock Island… Easter egg hunt starts at 1 pm….Bring Baskets to hold all the goodies….

VINTNERS TIX ARE NOW ON SALE FOR APRIL 15 EVENT….At Casa Marina…. Go to No discounts or walk-ins… so buy NOW! Event is from 6 to 10 pm… This is definitely a Tour of the Senses with food and wine! Tix are $125.


**THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT #6…MARCH 26… At 8 pm at Tennessee Williams Theatre… You know it’s going to be great when Randy Roberts puts a show together! He is starring on the Main Stage….and his guests are superb! All are true Legends! Marilyn Maye… Lucy Arnez….Billy Stritch and Bobby Nesbitt!!!! Doesn’t get much better, does it? They will be accompanied by an 18 piece orchestra, under the direction of Jim Rice!… Enjoy music from Broadway, the Great American Songbook, Latin Classics, and some real surprises! This IS a Must-See Show!!! Go to for tix or call 305-295-7676.

**MURDER MYSTERY ‘RETROSPECTACULAR’ DINNER ON APRIL 16….You are invited to attend this mysteriously wonderful evening …. You are taken back to another era…the Jazz Age! Presented by Rock Solomon and Mixediety Entertainment…. Held at First Flight Restaurant at 301 Whitehead St…. 5 to 8 pm…. Several various ticket prices… Bar seats are only $45….Come dressed up in your best Great Gatsby Jazz-Age duds and get your first drink free… plus you have a chance to win prizes for best costume!!! For tickets go to We attended this event and had a great time…. It is something unique in Key West….and everyone in attendance had lots of fun.. The interaction among all the guests was most interesting and it was super getting to know some new people….both locals and tourists who wanted a unique experience in Key West. The dinner was delish….and all got to characters in the Mystery to Play, and then interact with one another while playing your role and trying to find out who dunnit!!! Starts with a cocktail party at 5, dinner at 6 and it’s all great fun!!! For further info go to 305-570-3000. (A variety of ticket prices and choices.)

DUELING BARTENDERS, AQUA NIGHTCLUB, MARCH 26…. Tommy Luna and Ric Dery from 5:30- 8 pm at 711 Duval St…. This is always great fun… great singers!

TROPIC CINEMA EXHIBIT, thru APRIL 1….Local Photographer, Rodger Stuart Davis will be exhibiting 20 photos hanging on the walls nearest the stairs, at the Tropic at 416 Eaton St. Rodger has 13 books on Amazon…., a weekly photo in the Blue Paper, and has this wonderful exhibit… So when you stop to see a movie, make sure you do not miss this exhibit!

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 26… The Bahama Boys, 5 to 8 pm…

HOGS BREATH, MARCH 26… 1 PM, Zack Seemiller…

SMOKIN TUNA, MARCH 26… 5 PM, Keith Burns…9 pm, Blue Monday with Caffeine Carl & the Buzz.

**TENNESSEE WILLIAMS BIRTHDAY PARTY, MARCH 26…. 6 to 8 pm…at Tennessee Williams Museum…Awards Presentations for art contest, poetry and short story contests…. Champagne & Cake…. Donation $10. This is always a wonderful event and well attended. Located on Truman Ave., right next door to Denny’s!!!! Congrats to Dennis Beaver and Bert Whitt for creating this amazing new Museum in Town!!!

MCKEE ARTISTS FUND GRANT APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE…Grants of up to $2,000 can be obtained to assist with project-based endeavors…. Applications and instructions are available at Completed applications must be submitted no later than midnight on Sat., March 31, 2018. Grant recipients will be notified of their status on or before April 13, 2018.

TASTE OF KEY WEST, APRIL 16….Opens at 6 pm at Mallory Square….till 9 pm… Food & Beverage packages are now available….Go to Check out the various options you can buy.

LOVE TO YOU, AND REMEMBER…. Cherish your vision; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart…the beauty that forms in your mind….the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts. If you remain true to them… your world will at last be built!!!



KEY WEST SEA TURTLE CLUB SEEKS VOLUNTEERS & MEMBERS….Nest surveying requires a 3 hour course to become certified. Call Denise at 305-928-0606 or Ralph at 305-304-0847.

TROPIC CINEMA SEEKS VOLUNTEERS…..For info call John at 305-295-9493 or go to Training is provided. ‘Payment’ is free movie passes and popcorn for each shift worked.

INTERESTED IN LEARNING ABOUT THE CATHOLIC FAITH? Classes will be held on Mondays in the Klaus Murphy Center at St. Mary’s on Truman….7:15 pm to 8:30… Classes are for those interested in becoming a Catholic or finding more about your faith… or if you have not been confirmed and want to be…. Call 305-797-0656 for more information.

VOLUNTEERS NEED AT TENNESSEE WILLIAMS MUSEUM…. Needed are volunteers to welcome guests on Sunday afternoons from noon to 5 pm….at 513 Truman Ave…..For info call Dennis Beaver, curator at 305-294-3121.

KEY WEST TROPICAL FOREST & BOTANIC GARDEN SEEKS BOARD MEMBERS… This non profit is looking for interested Board Members….particularly that of Treasurer … term is two years…..If interested send a letter to Key West Botanical Garden 5210 College Rd., Key West, FL 33040. Or email

BEN HARRISON’S MUSICAL “UNDYING LOVE”…… Key West’s OWN, the multi-talented Ben Harrison, wrote first a book on Count Carl von Cosel….and then the Musical, “UNDYING LOVE”.. He, and many of his supportive fans, are hoping that the production of this musical will take place at The Studios of KW Feb.14-March 3, 2018…. A fundraising campaign is being launched to guarantee the success of “Undying Love’ Make a donation that will guarantee reserved seats for the Valentine’s Day 2018 premier! To donate go to

TERRI WHITE NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP… The Go Fund Me account set up to help Terri with her continued health situation… Go to . Please be generous. Thank you…and keep Terri in your thoughts and prayers.

BUY CD FROM ‘A DOG STORY’…..Gayla Morgan and Eric Einberger are basking in the success of their play, A DOG STORY, and the cast album is out…and it is a delight! To buy, go to Truly is…’one dog-gone great CD!!!!’

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR REEF RELIEF….For info call 305-294-3100.

NEED A DJ?….Call Jimmy Jamz at 305-923-7401 for great entertainment and music at your function or party!!!

STAR OF THE SEA OUTREACH MISSION NEEDS VOLUNTEERS….To help with the food pantry on Stock Island….This mission serves hundreds of the community’s needy operating Mon-Fri. Call Donna at 305-407-5967 for info.

SHAL SEELS VOLUNTEERS…Southernmost Homeless Assistance League has begun serving an evening meal each day at the homeless shelter with food from the Soup Kitchen….Volunteers are needed to help. For info call John Miller at 502-876-5092.

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS EXHIBIT:…..Admission is FREE….Self-guided tours are available to locals and visitors at the Tennessee Williams Exhibit located at 513 Truman just off Duval. Hours are 10 am to 5 pm…Mon.-Sat. Many new items are on display, including memorabilia collected while the Exhibit was on loan to the Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba…..Also on display is Williams’ 1932 Univ. of Mo. Yearbook, Savitar, in which one of his early poems is given a full page. Videos provide info about the life & work of the iconic author who made KW home for 34 years. For more info or to request a guided tour, go to, phone DENNIS Beaver at 305-842-1606 or email

HUGH’S VIEW AT THE STUDIOS…..Over $300,000 has been raised for this project… but more is needed to make this dream a reality! Make donations to TSKW and indicate your donation is specifically for HUGH’S VIEW, and send to Jeffrey Ware at 1400 Olivia St., KW, 33040. This is a separate fundraiser from any others at The Studio. The plan is to create a lovely Rooftop Garden atop the new Studios Bldg on Eaton St… will provide a marvelous panoramic view of Key West…and since La Concha shut its doors to us, it will be most welcome indeed. For more info, contact Jeffrey at For those who are wondering who Hugh is…. He was the most adorable father of Jeffrey, who left his mark in Key West….who loved it here, and who passed away, from this earthly home, but not from our hearts! Hoping to raise enough money to make Hugh’s View a reality…. And that we can all gather together, lift our glasses from atop the Garden, and toast to HUGH’S VIEW!!!!!

KW TROPICAL FOREST & BOTANIC GARDEN, NEEDS VOLUNTEERS….To volunteer please call 305-296-1504.

GRACE ON FRANCES STREET….This is a glorious shop at 6oo Frances….a lush newer addition to Key West’s upscale shopping scene…one of a kind items … spectacular jewelry….Japanese ceramics….cashmere from the Himilayas… the softest and finest you ever touched….Gorgeous items from India, Africa, the Orient, and Europe….a worldwide search to find the BEST of Everything’ for your pleasure. It offers luxury to the nth degree….you will feel with all your senses. Please stop by…take your time and savor everything within……open daily, at the corner of Southard! Owned by Wendy Asplundh, she of the exquisite taste… and her great and dedicated staff includes Samantha Rivier, Dorthe Thure, and Jolie Witherow.

LA RUBIA KEY WEST….….Stephanie Hellstrom (THE Blonde!) is the owner of this new delightful shop at 510 Fleming St….next to Assortment….You can purchase hand woven Panama hats, handcrafted wearable accessories, and organic chocolates from Ecuador…. along with handbags, scarves, bamboo wraps, jewelry and more. What a pleasure it is to have some unique and interesting new shops in Key West!!! Congrats to Stephanie. Call 296-6059 for more details!!!

BACK BAR AND SIDE BAR AT AQUA…Open daily from 5 to 11 pm….great place to hang!!! In the back of the nightclub at 711 Duval. The new Side Bar is accessed on Angela St.

TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN ORG. SEEKS VOLUNTEERS…..This marvelous, award winning scholarship program mentoring group is looking for giving souls to help mentor 50 some qualified students from lower income families ….They cannot be admitted unless a volunteer steps forward. It takes less than an hour each week. Call Chuck Licis, program coordinator at 305-394-7974 or e-mail him at

CUSTOM HOUSE & LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUMS ARE SEEKING VOLUNTEERS…If you have a few hours to offer as a docent, archives asst., exhibit builder, or event volunteer, please offer your services!

GRIEF COUNSELING….Bereavement Meetings are available every Thursday at 7:15 pm at the Renewal Center at St. Mary’s. All needing bereavement support are invited….for more info call 305-294-1018. You are not alone.



It is hard to ignore the Arien….they have so much personality and vitality, making them the sort of people who like to be noticed! They hate taking back seat in life and will do anything to prevent it! They are natural leaders, not followers. The last thing any Arien wants to do is carry out other people’s orders or be at their beck and call. They loathe being just one of the crowd, and this attitude doesn’t change as they get older. They have to be in control of situations and do not like it one bit when it is the other way around. Life is very black & white for Ariens, with no grey area. They are very idealistic, and always have high expectations that things will turn out well. They have a burning desire to achieve…have an infectious enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit. An Arien without a goal is a sad sight, as they are lost without anything to aim for. They are easy to lose their tempers but it is all over in a flash. One minute they may be shouting their heads off and the next they have forgotten all about it. They do have a problem with bluntness…they like to tell it like it is and this sometimes leads to hurt feelings when they go too far and do not realize the impact of their words. They are outspoken….and if they curb that it would take so much fun out of things! In love, they dream of fairytale romances…they love the thrill of the chase, often finding it the most exciting part of a relationship….often cooling off when they get what they want. Their generous spirit and warm personality make them wonderful friends and delightful lovers. Sex is very important to them and they enjoy a very physical relationship with their partners. They have the utmost faith and trust in people. They fall in love easily and invest everything in their lover. Their hearts are shattered when that partner fails to live up to their expectations. They have a tendency to put loved ones on a pedestal, thinking they can do no wrong. All is great while they are on that pedestal but the moment they turn out to be human, the Arien is crushed and let down and in lots of pain. However, Ariens do not learn from their mistakes and often repeat them over and over again! The best signs for an Aries are Capricorn, Gemini, and Scorpio. In careers, the Arien cannot be tied down as they are free spirits. They must have a job with room to breathe. They hate having a job which requires them to account for their every action. They will become bored and frustrated in these situations. They prefer being self-employed because most Ariens have a low opinion of their higher ups. Their competitive nature makes them natural freelancers…they love coming up with new ideas. Jobs like engineering, mechanics, the armed services, and sports appeal to Ariens. They are better at dreaming up ideas than in following them. They cannot live without money…love spending it and are suckers for impulse buys. They love spending on cars, special bikes, and are attracted to speed and danger. They are also very generous and spend lots of money on friends and loved ones. Saving money is not as interesting to an Arien as spending it. They live for today and not to morrow!!


Please read the lists below and take time to add their names to your datebooks so you can reach out to them on their special days!!!


3/21…Jerry Downs….Clifford Nowak…Scott Muir….Luis Vera

3/22…Rhett Kalman…Rafael Gonzalez…Darold Leto…Judy Kovats

3/23…Kim Gordon…Amy Scalise…Pam Spence…Newt Ruch….

3/24…Chloe Hodgdon….Robin Hansel…Mary Borrell….Josh Khalil

3/25…Hy Conrad…Jeanette Partilla…..Doug Stripp…Alice Justavich Kelly (Remember Rose Frechette and Fran Verral & Harry Ruchman.)

3/26…Jana Krejcirova…Cameron Murray…Kevin Melloncamp…Judy Pingston…Kenny Chesney…Glenda Rowley…(Please remember Tennessee Williams)

3/27…..Ray Baker…..Roger Nelson….Deborah Goldman…Stephanie Sander….Carina Borders.

3/28…Pam Lopez….( Please remember Kathy Melendy)…

3/29…Marc Crow…Brenda Callahan …Jennifer Stevens…Kathy Stevens……Laurel Denny…(Please remember Stella Winiarski and John Wickes!)

3/30…Carol Burnham…. Dan Carten

3/31…Peggy Montgomery ….Jeff Egleston….Barbara “Please” Hoffman…Yolan Findlay…Michael McMahon…Donna Stanton

4/1…Alan Beaubien …Lee Skillington…Mary Ellen Lapp….John Smythe….Mary Lou Ferris…Franco Piacibello…David Marshall…

4/2…Anne Stevens…..Harry Schroeder… Stephanie Skylar…

4/3….Tommy Wilson…Dee Dee Duecker…Chris Clifton….

4/4…George Sanders…Jenny Emerson…Billy Piscopo…Brian Taylor…..Suzie Byrd….(Please take time to remember Kitty Green and Art Gasior!)

4/5…..Lucy Carlton….Gordon Keiser..John Hamilton…Rita Brown Troxel…Bill Melchior…Dora Gholson

4/6….George Rutgers…..Sue Forti…(Please take time to remember Larry Harvey and Virginia Molzan.)

4/7…Bob Brown…Christian Monzon…Michael Gillis …(Please remember Dick Buckheim.)

4/8…Peter Arnow…Jack Eaton….Arlene Machor

4/9…..Jeffrey Harwell…Bill Roberts…Barry Philipson….Bob Scott…Richard Smolik…Pat Smith

4/10…Donna Barnett…Carol Kiwala…Landon Bradbary…Janice Gruber…Renny Stevens…(Please remember Theresa Wise.)

4/11….Bob Pabian ….Rhena Dahlgren…Michael Popvice….Laurie Jordan…Jim Blahnik…West Valentino Internicola.

4/12…Rick Worth …J.T.Thompson….Nina Crooks…Chris Skinner…Matt Zintsmaster…Keidi Ehrgott

4/13…..Annie Miners

4/14…..Pam Vereb…Iolanda Stashenko….William Trem

4/15…Ken Peskett…Wendy Zintsmaster….Gina Maseratti…

4/16… Denise Chekelis

4/17…..Vincent Zito…Les Steele…Julie Paterson…Phyllis Kaschub…Mike Eppenhart…(Please remember Tom Oosterhoudt.)

4/18….Chip Allen….Heather- Mae Victoria Potter…Gayle Miller…

4/19….Jim Salem….Walter Schmida…..Jackie O’Neil


3/21…..Pat & Dave Livesay…….

3/22….Roger & Nancy Nelson……..and…….Roberta & Basel Markow

3/23…. Ray Baker and Joe Viana

3/24…Amy & Wayne Cleveland

3/26…..Bonnie Piceu & Paul Dietz

3/30…..Vincent Zito and Cameron Murray

3/31….Mary Borrell & Eugene Knudsen

4/2….Maria & David Bootle…

4/6… Terrence McNally & Tom Kirdahy…

4/7…..Dick Norford and Kay Fullen…..Carolyn & Bob Scott

4/10…. (Please remember Phil & Josephine Ricca.)

4/11…..Nancy Moulton & Diana Davis

4/12…..Patti and Carl McMackin

4/13 ….Helen Walker & Leo Waters

4/17…..Danny Weathers and Alan Melnick

4/18…Amanda & Daniel Garcia

4/19…..Ric Dery and Tandin……Joe & Beth Pizzo…..

If you are one of those fascinating Ariens described above, please let me know if the description pertains to you in any way. If you are a reader of mine, and would like to be added to the Birthday/Anniversary Lists, please let me know by e-mailing me at and I will be glad to put you on the list. The whole purpose is so that those reading it may see some one they know and then reach out to them on their special days….a nice and easy way to build community and spread love and joy to those we know. Just send me the month & day of your birthday or anniversary if applies, and you will be added. Love, and Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all our Arien friends and family members!!!! Lynda


Key West Art & Historical Society @ Memberships, Guest Passes, and Gift Certificate…. Value is $340

4 Excursions for Danger Charters… donated by Lara Fox…. Value: $660

Ben Harrison book and CD and Gift Certificate to Harrison Gallery.. Value $100

Passes to Little White House… donated by Bob Wolz…. Value is $500

Weekend in NYC Apt. donated by Kristin Larkin & Peter Glicklich… value is $1,000 for two night stay.

Car Detailing by Lance Harvey… value is $200

Two Hours Piano playing at private home for party… by Jimmy Olson…. Value $250

Limited Edition framed photo by Mike Freas … valued at $250

One Night Stay at the Inn at Bowman in Randolph, NH… Value, $250

Two Night Stay at Southernmost Point Guest House on Duval St. in KW….. donated by Mona Santiago….. Value, $500. +

Table Lamp donated by Jane Gardner at Jane Gardner Interiors, Value: $340

Three to four night stay at New Hampshire Country Home of Jimmy Olson…. Value, $3,500.

Two comp tix to Christopher Peterson’s Eyecons show at Lateda… value is $64.50

Mystery Dinner Bar Seats for Rock Solomon’s Retrospectacular at First Flight… value is $90

Three night stay at Country Home near Nyack, NY… donated by Kristen Larkin… value is $2,500

12 Gift Certificates to Mary Ellen’s, The Porch, The Tiki Bar… donated by Chris Shultz … value is….. $600.

Original matted Watercolor by Christine Cordone…. Value is $250

24 VIP Passes to Historic Tours of America, by Ed Swift… value is $720.

3 signed books donated by Mandy Miles … value is $37.

Two hand crafted pens by Dan Metzler… value is $250

Four CD’s donated by Bobby Nexbitt…$80. Value

Salsa Loca Gift Certificate (obtained from Jimmy Olson)…..value is $50

Two Kayak Excursions (obtained by Jimmy Olson)…$150 value

14 Matted Photographs by Larry Blackburn … value is $1,300

Cocco & Salem Gallery, donated by Dan Cocco & Jim Salem…. Value is $100

3 $50 Gift Certificates to either 915, Bagatelle and First Flight….. (obtained by Stuart Kaufman)….value is $150

Gift Certificate from Michael’s… obtained by Stuart Kaufman…. Value is $50

Four Bar Tabs at Rick’s donated by Mark Rossi…. Value is $100.

LaTeDa Cabaret Show for 2… donated by Chris Elwell… $64.50 value

Blue Heaven Gift Certificate…. Donated by Chris Elwell…. Value is $25

Gift Certificates to Flaming Buoy, donated by Chris Elwell…. Value is $250

Two Gift Certificates from Café Sole (donated by Chris Elwell) for value $100

Two memberships to the Studios, donated by Jed Dodds…. Value is $250

Two Night Stay in Luxury suite at The Gardens Hotel… donated by Kate Miano… value is $1,000

Three Wine Cards donated by Kate Miano … value is $50

Vintage tennis bracelet donated by Leda Andrews of In One Era…. Value is $100.

Key West Bracelet and earrings, donated by Carina Borders of Diva Designs .. value is $250.

Two Gift Certificates to The Peace Store, donated by Juan & Val… obtained by Kris Pabian…. Value is $100.

Onlywood Restaurant gift certificates donated by Kristen Ryan… value is $100

Susie Sales Gift Certificates, donated by Sue Puskedra…. Value is $120

3 Dinners for Two at Two Friends Restaurant… obtained by Kris Pabian … value is approx: $300 +

Gift Certificate to Café Marquesa… donated by Carol Wightman…. Value, $125

Four Gift Certificates to Blackfin…. Donated by Mike Castellano… value is $250.

Two Gift Certificates to Lucky Street Gallery, donated by Jon McIntosh … value is $200

2 gift certificates to Zabar’s in NYC… donated by Stanley & Judy Zabar…. Value is $200

Four gift certificates of the best fudge ever… donated by John & Maribell Maschal of Bay Village Fudge Co…. value is $100.

3 Morpho Passes to Butterfly Conservatory, donated by George Fernandez & Sam Trophia…. Value is $420

Two tix to ‘Conch Republic the Musical’ donated by the Fringe… value is $100

Three Night Stay at the Historic Key Lime Inn on Truman Ave…. value is $1,000.

Royal Furniture Gift Certificates to Top 3… donated by Elwell family…. Value is $600.

Commodore gift certificates… value is $400

Azur….gift certificates donated by Drew Wenzel…. Value is $75.

Zumba Lessons donated by Penny Leto at the CoffeeMill… value is $65

Graffitti Men’s Store gift certificates…. Donated by Neil Chamberlain… value, $175

Tavern N Town Gift Certificates.. donated by Robert Spottswood…. Value $100

Two Night Stay at Hyatt Fao Blanco Hotel, donated by Robert Spottswood, value $500

2 Gift Certificates to Café Sole, value, $100

Hairapy Hair Salon…. Donated by Kim Bryant….. $100

Juggle with the Margils…. Value is $250.

Four Gift Certificates to Sarabeth’s… donated by Milos Mandzo…. Value, $250

4 Gift Certificates from Salt Gallery Provisions… donated by Laura Richardson … value is $80.

4 Gift Certificates to The Roost, donated by Maria & Rob Sharpe… value is $200

Harpoon Harry’s… obtained by Bob Frechette…. Value is $50

Bloody Mary Party for 10, donated by Paul Murphy … value is $500

3 Gift Certificates to The Assortment, donated by Joe Carr and Claude… value is $300

Besame Mucho gift certificate, value is $50

Azur… donated by Drew Wenzel.. value is $75

Tropic Cinema… 2 memberships…. Value is $120

Gift Certif. to Southernmost Beach Café… obtained by Stuart Kaufman…. $100.

The following have been donated by Donna Stabile….

Blown Away Hair Salon….value is $100

UVA Wine…value is $50

Grand Vin… value is $25

IV’s in the Keys … value is $70

Flaming Buoy GC… value $75

The Marker GC… value, $100

Michael’s GC…. Value $100

Wine bottle…. $12

Wine glass charms… value $25

Sleep Mask… value $20.

4 couples Dance Lessons by Lucy Carleton… value is $192

4 signed books by Hy Conrad… value, $109

Grace on Frances…. 2 pr. Earrings… value is $110.

Glass Butterfly wall hanging…. Value $125

6 signed books by Rusty Hodgdon… value, $120

4, 3-pack containers of gourmet Pickles by the Pickle Barons…. Value is $100.

Four signed books by Ralph DePalma and calendars…. Value is $160

Aqua Idol Plaque…. Two Aqua Idol Mugs, By Susan Guadagno… $540 to priceless.

Hand crafted Tiles plus CD’s from Gail Lima.. valued at $380

Hand crafted scarf by Kathy Russ…. Value $200.

2 pr. Earrings donated by L. Frechette… value is $30.

6 pairs of tix to final Waterfront Playhouse Shows…


Jerry Galeana $1,000

Aqua Nightclub…… $1,500.

Waterfront Playhouse…. $1,000

Jeffrey Grosky….. $500

Bonnie Piceu… $200

Karen Hammond…. $150.

Jeff Johnson….. $250

Stuart & Susie Kaufman…. $200.

Terri & Phil Wilson….. $100

Neal Ruchman….. $250.

Evan Corns….. $250.

Bunnie Smith….. $250

Mary Ellen & Clay Beattie… $200

June Hudson….. $50.00


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