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Wednesday | April 21, 2021

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  1. October 16, 2009

    The first spin scared the heck out of me. I thought for sure we were going to flip. After that it was very cool. It was like a Disney ride except it was the real thing! Wear your bathing suit.

  2. April 2, 2010

    White Knuckle rocks! Tried it last trip down and will do it again! Really fun.

    Bob and Sue
  3. August 15, 2010

    It’s insane! Nothing else like it! Nice people.

  4. September 13, 2011

    If you like roller coasters, White Knuckle is the place for you…it’s a roller coaster on the water. The people were great and the ride was amazing! Hope to do it again soon!!


White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride

"White Knuckle" is the newest, and sure to be the most unforgettable attraction for you and your family to enjoy in the Florida Keys. Why take the same old tours and shore excursions when you can have a thrilling "White Knuckle" experience!

We are also starting a new tour. We have purchased 10 Sea Spi's that we know will be a lot of fun for everyone. They look like a jet ski, but they are actually, individual glass bottom boats. You lay down on them and they have a viewing window and a glass bottom. They only go about 4 miles per hour and are electric!
  • White Knuckle Thrill Boat Ride
  • 2407 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
  • Key West, FL 33040
  • 305-797-0459

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