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Wednesday | October 16, 2019

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**WEEK 10 GRAND FINALE AT AQUA IDOL ON TUES., MARCH 26…..Oddly it seems as if we have been presenting the 2019 Waterfront Playhouse Aqua Idol for eons… and it also seems we just began…. And now we are down to our Last Hurrah!  I want to invite you ALL to attend what I know will be a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!!! Our 8 fantastic Finalists will sing their hearts out to win the coveted title Aqua Idol!  Each is talented and well-deserving of this honor…. Each has knocked it out of the park week after week… donating their time and talent to raise money for the prestigious Waterfront Playhouse! Come one and all to 711 Duval St. from 6:30 to 8 pm! Without a doubt it is a sublime group of vocalists….Our STARS tonight are are… JOE TRIPP…VICKY ROWDEN…JOHN BAIRD…CHUCK FOX…JIM SPEAKE…KARRI DALEY …LUKE FOX ….and VERA GRIGOROVICH!  I love them all and I thank them with all my heart and soul!!!! Each of our singers did so famously last week that we opted not to eliminate anyone…PLUS..Vera returned to sing her swan song after being eliminated on March 12, and did so amazingly well, that the judges exercised their one annual SAVE and saved her!  Thus she will be in the lineup on March 26!  I know there are a few other events competing for your attention around town on March 26…. But there are alternate dates to attend these events and only ONE AQUA IDOL FINALE NIGHT!!!  If you really truly can’t rearrange your schedules to be there…. Please consider donating online to your favorite contestants.  It is very easy….Read below how you can donate online if you cannot attend.  I highly recommend that you best come early enough to hear each singer perform and to get a great seat!  The singers will be singing one fab song each…a song that is themed PASSION…. A song they are each passionate about.  Five guest singers will be gracing the stage during the tallying of the dollars raised…..Guests will be…TERRI WHITE….BOB WOOD… JERRY DOWNS ….BILL MELCHIOR and….TONY KONRATH.  Yes Judge Tony will present his annual Song at the Finale….and all the contestants who sang all year are invited back to sit in the Judge’s Booth to Critique Tony’s presentation!!!!  This is always hilarious!  The contestants get to ‘get even” with Tony in their way!  Celebrity Judge will be Waterfront Playhouse Artistic Director, TOM THAYER, who just came off a fab run of the HIT musical, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, which I heard has broken all previous records!!!  Yay!!!!!  At the close of the evening, all 8 finalists will come onstage, and emcee Laurie Thibaud will announce the names from #8 to #1… and I will present each with their individual prize packages….valued this year, at over $36,000.  All 8 will get a marvelous array of prizes…gift certificates, stays in hotels, items, services, etc. but only the TOP 4 will also get monetary Cash Prizes!!!!  I thank everyone who contributed to this….All names are listed on Thankful on Monday at the bottom of the attachment/blog!!!  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Tuesday, March 26, 2019, for what I guarantee will be a sensational evening!!!!


**DONATING ONLINE FOR AQUA IDOL CONTESTANTS….For those who cannot attend  and even for those who come faithfully every week…. This is a great way to donate to your favorite vocalist in Aqua Idol.  You go to … then click on Support…then click on donate online… Then click the Waterfront Playhouse box, and all the contestant’s names will appear…. Then go from there by donating online with your credit card.  The great news is that all donations to your contestant  to the Waterfront Playhouse are tax deductible.  Besides the $$$ I put in the buckets each week, I donate online every week. You can too!  You can also write out checks to Waterfront Playhouse and place the name of the contestant in the Memo box.. and place in your contestant’s bucket at Aqua.  Tax Deductible!!!



*******PLEASE BECOME A MEMBER OF THE WATERFRONT PLAYHOUSE….  As a proud Board Member of the Waterfront Playhouse for 13 years, I am hoping that you will take the time to read the following. Theaters aren’t able to rely on Ticket Sales alone to keep them going…that is only a tiny part of it.  In order to continue to present the kind of quality theater you have come to expect from us, we need YOU to help! If you are already a MEMBER of the Waterfront Playhouse Family, I ask that you consider deepening your commitment financially by becoming a member at a higher level than you had before.  Each level provides special perks and privileges….  BUT, the important thing is to look at it as not so much as ‘what you can get out of your membership’ but what you are giving and doing to provide Key West with the BEST Theater experience possible!  If you have Never been a Member of the Waterfront Playhouse before…. I hope you will realize that we NEED YOUR HELP and support more than ever!…now right NOW!  You can go online to or call 305-294-5015 to order your membership….and you can see the Breakdown of what each Level of Membership provides.  You will be helping us beyond words…. To recover from Hurricane Irma, declining state funding and increasing costs!!!  Thank you so much for your support of the Waterfront Playhouse and LIVE Theater in Paradise!!! 


HOUSING HEROES NEEDED…. The Waterfront Playhouse is looking for Housing Heroes.  A Housing Hero is someone who will ‘take in’ a visiting actor or musician in one of our shows that comes from out of town.  There are many perks involved for those who have a gust room… guest house… to accommodate a visiting actor.  If you can help please call 305-394-7445.  Your name will be listed in the Playbill.  If you house 1 person for 1 show, you get 2 free 5-show passes and a Crew Membership card offering discounts for 11 mos. In some of the best restaurants in KW…. Plus ability to buy tix to Member nights at the theater and Annual Gala at member reduced rates.  Housing 2 or 3 persons for 1 or more shows:  You get all of the above, plus, an additional free 5-show flex pass and invitation for two as our guests to our Annual Gala…. Housing 4 or More persons for 1 or more shows:  You get all of the above, plus FREE drinks for ALL performances, a private backstage tour and party for you and 10 of your friends.


‘YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN..  This smash Mel Brooks musical, opened on Feb. 28 at the Waterfront Playhouse and closed on March 23…selling out every single night of its run!  I congratulate Tom Thayer, who did a great job of directing and of choosing the very best cast ever….Stars are ALAN GILLESPIE, JEFFREY HARWELL, MARJORIE PAUL SHOOK, BELLE JAMPOL, KRISTEN MICHELLE, ROSS PIPKIN, JOHN MCDONALD, JACK AGNEW, MATTHIAS MALOFF… BRAEDEN GARRETT, DJ MILLS, LAUREN THOMPSON, CAROLYN COOPER, AND JACKIE MADEJSKI.  They were all amazing!  The singing, dancing, (choreography by Penny Leto & Carolyn Cooper), musical direction by Michael Fauss, and a magnificent set design by the brilliant Michael Boyer…plus fabulous costumes…..props by Carmen Rodriguez….wigs by Christopher Peterson… to say nothing of the great comic timing and non-stop laughing throughout…. I congratulate everyone remotely connected with this show for your dedication to making it such an amazing production!  And thanks to the Waterfront Board and Staff for all their efforts….BRAVO!!!!!  And now… we look forward to the next show, “Sex With Strangers” April 9 to 27!!!!



Café Sole…. 20% for all Locals from 5-6 and 9-10 pm every day….  Sunday Brunch is back at Café Sole!!!!

TAVERN N TOWN…. Be seated by 6:30 pm and enjoy all entrees at$19.95.  Daily happy hour drink prices are 2 for 1 till 7 pm…. T n T always caters to the Locals!  Delish food, great music, lovely spot…

LA TRATTORIA.. OCEANSIDE….Half price on all pasta dishes from 5 to 7 pm, Monday thru Thursday.

LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB….There is a fab Happy Hour from 5:30-7:30 pm every single day… plus great piano bar music…. You will love it… sitting right at the piano has been resurrected and is so much fun to kibitz with those surrounding the pianist  … Special 50% off wine and drink prices plus delish food all 50% off!  821 Duval St.


CONGRATS TO BOBBY NESBITT… It is no secret that Bobby Nesbitt and I are great friends!  I want to take this time to let you know that Samuel’s House has recently named Bobby as a Man of Valor… He will receive this prestigious award, along with other wonderful and deserving persons, Penny Leto, John Correa, Jodyrae Campbell, Alan Beaubien, Dianna Sutton, Cyndy Livingston, Maureen Dunleavy, Capt. JR Torres and David Wolkowsky on March 28 at the Marriott Beachside Recognition Dinner….. scroll down to March 28 to read how to get tix for this event!!! 


BARBERSHOP CHORUS….Joe Tripp, Key West’s fave police officer and Aqua Idol Star, is starting a Barbershop Singing Group…He is looking to find investors to help him get this started in Key West….needs $$$ for music, shirts and uniforms, rehearsal space, and eventually memberships in an organization.  Perhaps there is a donor or philanthropist out there who believes in a project like this and can help with financing.  Joe needs someone who can help him with incorporating this group .. someone with the knowledge and help of how this can be done.  If you have ideas, suggestions or can help…or know someone that can help Joe, please contact him at 813-477-3045 or email him at  Big thanks…    


TAVERN N TOWN… March 26, APRIL 6,13,20,27,… Carmen Rodriguez and Michael Thomas   perform from 5- 9 pm in the Lounge.


SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MARCH 26 & 27…. High South performs at 5 pm…..Cheap Dates at 9 pm. 


SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 26….noon to 5 pm, Gary Hempsey…6:30-11:00pm… Tom Taylor…..…. 


LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB…. MARCH 26….Happy Hour starts at 5:30 pm…Larry Smith is every Tuesday…… PM it is Larry Baeder and Bluesday… an intimate eve with Larry and friends…. 8:30-11:30 pm… now serves full bar and food  too!  821 Duval St…. Be there!   


VIRGILIO’S ON MARCH 26….9 PM… On March 26 it is Skipper & His League of Crafty Musicians…Chris Burchard, Rob DiStasi, Skippo and Gary Rivenson…. YAY!!!!


AMERICAN LEGION BINGO EVERY TUES., MARCH 26….6:30 pm at 5610 College Rd.   


THE GARDENS HOTEL, MARCH 26, APRIL 2,9,16,23,30,…. at 526 Angela St.…Valerie Elam will be at the piano from 5-7 pm. 


CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 26…. Black & Skabuddah performs from 5:30-9:30pm…


LATEDA, MARCH 26 & APRIL 2, 9…  The Spectrelles at 8:30 pm….Christopher Peterson in the Crystal Room at 9 pm.


“METEOR SHOWER” OPENS AT RED BARN, March 26….Directed by Joy Hawkins and starring Dave Bootle, Elena Devers, Michael Castellanos, and Suzanne Wells…This is an offbeat and absurdist look at the comic anxiety lurking just below the surface of modern marriage!! …8:00 pm….at Red Barn, 319 Duval… get tix at 305-296-9911… This show runs through April 20. 


FRINGE PRESENTS ‘AIR HEART’, APRIL 9-11… 7 PM… The life and flight of Amelia Earhart is brought to the stage in in this stunning arial performance by Mara Neimanis…Tennessee Williams Theater…. Get tix at


MYSTERY KEY WEST ANNOUNCES WHODUNIT WRITING COMPETITION… DEADLINE TO ENTER IS APRIL 15….Sponsored by Absolutely Amazing eBooks….Candidates are invited to submit the first 3 pages of a finished and unpublished manuscript…(750 words max)…Send to no later than April 15, 2019.  No fee to enter…. Finalists will be notified by May 1 and will have until May 10 to send full manuscripts.  For complete info, writing guidelines and submission details, and entire schedule, of the Fest go to


LUANN GROSSCUP ANNOUNCES NEW BOOK!!!.. ‘FLIGHT: An American Pilot’s Story of Adventure, Descent, and Redemption’, by local author and friend, Luann Grosscup and Capt. Neil Hansen has been released!!!  It is one man’s aviation story (Neil Hansen), within the context of CIA covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.  This real-life very riveting story will take you right where all the action took place during this very challenging time in history.  Presently, the book is available at, in either soft cover or kindle.                                     Go to:      


****WONDERFUL TRUMAN ANNEX HOME FOR SALE….This single family, 1,312 sq.foot home, in a most desirable, unique and private KW area…with open floor plan and 2 bedrms. & 2.5 baths.. balcony off master…designated parking space…Perfect Vacation Rental with excellent income… totally & tastefully furnished and equipped …Lovely shared pool area  This well-priced home is a great chance to own a marvelous home in the beautiful and prestigious Truman Annex Gated Community, within walking distance to EVERYTHING!!!!  For more information please call BOB FRECHETTE at 305-304-2584.  His email is   


SOS OUTREACH MISSION CLOTHING DRIVE… Needed are gently used clothing.  You may drop off your donation to the Mission at 5640 Maloney Ave. on Stock Island.  For more info call Paige at 859-630-2098. 


MARC HOUSE SEEKING USED FANTASY FEST BEADS….If you have a slew of beads and want to donate them to the MARC House at 1401 Seminary St., please bring them to the MH…they will clean and resell these beads as a fundraiser, and those who bring in a 1 gallon plastic bag with beads, will get a 5% discount on a plant store purchase.  For info call 305-296-9556.     


BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY LISTS….If you would like to be included in the Birthday and Anniversary Lists that I send out every month, please let me know your month and day by sending that info to me at  There are special perks to being on the lists!!!!  One of the perks is having your name in KONK Life on the day of your Birthday!   


PRAYER CHAIN…..Please continue to remember the following in your thoughts and prayers…JIM HALL …the friends and family of Gary Lichtenstein who recently passed away….the family and friends of Jim Cameron, and especially Jim’s widow, Cindy ….Sharron Mondo Drezner…….Paul Vereb…the family and friends of Chuck Newman ..the family and friends of Andy Dickey….Rick Elias…. For Norma Gilmore and her family on the great loss of her husband, Chuck Gilmore….. Joe McMurray …George Kling….Billy Cartledge…..Mary Larkin ….the repose of the soul of Stanislav Krejcir, father of Jana Krejcirova…. The family of Leda Andrews on the loss of her brother…. and the family of June Hudson on the loss of her brother Will Yodice……….Mike Stallard and wife Kelly….…Fred Stevens … Robin Deck….Jim Hendrick…..… Nancy Williams …Christy Nelson… Virgil Williams …… Judi Stevens …Fred Lima…..Nancy Lima …Maryann Sabol … Pam Williams …..Jon Traut…. Frank Lima….Harry Schroeder ….Jacob Gelt Dekker …Bella Rettenwander ….James Mill …Diane Covan ….Guy de Boer…. Dawn de Boer …. Pat West … …Joe Dallas Sr….Jan Cernan ….Donna Stanton … Charlie Allen …Judy Davis …Lee Garrison … Lou Ann Cymont … Cheryl Walchli … Terri White …John Padget  …..Eric Nelson ….Gary Rivenson …Donna Stabile ….Todd Reifschneider … …Pat Waller …..Millie Chawlew …Brian Belanger ……. Lee Knight … …Frank Gren  … …Sherrey Welch …Marta White …. Sandy Abookire… … Peter Deksmith ….. …Bill Lodermeir…Billy Cartledge…   ….Eegor Goropec…Richard and Betty Carraway ……Lottie Domski …Carey and Pat Moore ….Anne McKee … the family of Ron Burns …..Teresa Lawson ……. Tony Martinez … Star Husky… Ron Maranian …Marec Yooree …… Pamella C. Bocdow. …Dee Dee Duecker … Karla Muir … Vincent Gregory …Tony Freese… Jennifer O’Lear …Margaret Taylor … Roland Ryper …Patrick Richards.  Remember, there are many reasons that we pray…not just because people are ill…. I do believe that when we all send prayers and good vibes to those in need, those prayers mystically meet and surround those being prayed for.  Sometimes we pray for miracles and the impossible….sometimes we pray to just cope with the results of what happens to those we are praying for.  Sometimes we pray for strength to go on and to accept…sometimes we pray for thanksgiving.  We are in this thing called ‘Life’ together….and we all have power within us to help our fellow man.  Bless you for remembering our loved ones….Prayer changes things!  Let me know if you know of anyone who should be added to this list.

FKSPCA HAS BRICK PROGRAM….This is a special’ buy a brick and have it inscribed with a special name and message’ that will be placed on the walkway of the new Animal Shelter…a great gift for someone very special.    For more info go to  Bricks are $250 each.  This will help the building fund of the new FKSPCA Shelter…..To complete and furnish the bldg., $700,000 more dollars are needed.  You can engrave this brick with a permanent memory…honor a family member, someone special…or a beloved pet.  You can order a brick online by going to  You might have to put those in manually.  Or you can call 305-294-4857. 

BOB FRECHETTE=FABULOUS REALTOR IN TOWN!!!!…..Need a realtor in town?  My husband BOB FRECHETTE IS YOUR MAN!!!!  He has been with the marvelous Compass Realty ( NOW Keller-Williams Compass) for 19 years …Give him a call at 305-304-2584!  Email him at  He is the BEST! I promise!!!!  Honest, Loyal, Fair, and Adorable too!!!  He will have only your best interests at heart.

SUPPORT DANCE KEY WEST…..Lots of new concerts and new dancers are involved  with Kyla Piscopink’s Dance Group, Dance Key West…. Dancers are Kim Bryant, Cricket Desmarais,  Kristen Huffman, Morgan Stinnett and Melissa Weber….If you want to support this company, go online to or make checks and send to Dance Key West…PO Box 501 … Key West, FL 33041.  Also congrats to Kyla on her recent dance concert at the Studios on Oct. 13!!!!!  Had we been in town we would have been there with bells on!!!    

TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN NEEDS VOLUNTEER MENTORS….Needs 50 mentors to work with dedicated students….If interested call Karla Quintana at 305-293-1546 or email her at

JODYRAE AND MEGAN CAN ENTERTAIN FOR PRIVATE PARTIES!!!..Talented pianist/singer, Megan Clay and vocalist extraordinaire, Jodyrae Campbell have their own equipment and would love to make a night at your home or at your event, extra special!  To contact them call 305-587-1499… or you can leave a message for Joyrae on Facebook or email her at jodyraecampbell@yahoo,com. 

ARTISTS WANTED FOR MALLORY SQUARE….Sunset Celebrations is seeking more artists to participate at this iconic event.  For info, email

A PUN or LEXOPHILE FOR YOU….Did you hear about the fellow whose whole left side was cut off?  He’s all right now!



LIBBY YORK & BOBBY NESBITT AT BERLINS, MARCH 27… This fab duo performs from 7 to 10 pm at 700 Front St….at A & B Lobster House…. Great venue!!!

THE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA CLUB IS LOOKING FOR SPONSORS….This exciting club is looking to put on their spring Musical May 9-11 for the first time in 5 years…at the KW High School Auditorium….The High School has no budget to put on a show, so they depend solely on fundraising from the community. All sponsors will be listed in the full-color playbill as well as on the Drama Club’s social media under their level of support, $100-$1,000.  For more info please contact drama club coach, Juliet Gray at or call 917-756-7536.    Please help the dream become a reality!

DAVE BOOTLE AT MANGOES…March 27,28,29,30 THIS WEEK….The fab Dave performs Wed. thru Sat. every week at 8:30 –midnight at 700 Duval St… He rocks the place!!!!!  So TALENTED PLUS one of the nicest fellows I know!

AT THE GARDENS, MARCH 27, APRIL 3,10,17,24… Megan Clay is at the piano from 5 to 7 pm.

THE GREEN PARROT, MARCH 27&28….Paul Cebar 5:30, 9 and 11 pm…

LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB, MARCH 27…….Happy Hour with Jimmy Olson at 5:30 pm….8:00-11:30 pm….Ladies Night at….821 Duval…Now a full bar and delish food too….

GRAND VIN, MARCH 27….Cambria Wine & Cheese event… 6-8 pm…. 1107 Duval St….

LATEDA, MARCH 27…. The Spectrelles in the Lounge at 8:30 pm. ..Randy Roberts at 9 pm in the Crystal Room.

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 27… Rob DiStasi performs from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge!

FOSTER PARENT TRAINING….….Wesley House is seeking families interested in providing a home to children who are in the foster care system.  Classes started on Jan. 30….  For registration and info call Megan Burgess at 305-809-5020.

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 27…Jeff Clark.. at noon to 5 pm….Raven Cooper Duo at 6:45-11 pm….

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 27…. Din Allen performs from 5:30-9:30 pm.

**FRINGE THEATER PRESENTS, ‘THE CLEAN HOUSE’, MARCH thru MARCH 30….This will be at 7 pm at the Parish Hall at St. Paul’s Church…It is a concoction of real and surreal story lines that will take you on a fantastic journey that searches for meaning among life’s messier moments.  Directed by Rebecca Tomlinson and stars Diane May, Wende Shoer, Francesca Silva, Camille Toler and Tim Dahms.  401 Duval St…Tix are $35 and $45… get at or call 305-731-0581.

**TENNESSEE WILLIAMS BIRTHDAY PARTY, MARCH 27….5:30-7:30 pm, at 513 Truman Ave….Awards presented for plein air and short story and poetry…. Cake and refreshments… $10 donations at door.


DIANE NYAD AT STUDIOS ON APRIL 3….On night only….Diana will present her talk ‘The Courage to Fail’…. 7 pm at 533 Eaton St.  Get tix at  Diana is an exceptional speaker….hear her story and be totally inspired.

**5th ANNUAL WOMEN SINGING FOR WOMEN EVENT ON APRIL 10… This is organized by Jodyrae Campbell and it is a benefit for Samuel’s House…. 8 pm at Lateda, 1125 Duval St.  Tix are $25 and reserve at 305-296-0240, ex: 118….The Theme is , “Rockin’ Women with Their Roadies”… and stars Terri White, Maj Johnson, Dora Gholson, Destiny Montgomery, Joe Tripp, Grace Osborn, Heather Mae Victoia Potter, Vicky Rowden, Adam Sweitzer, Joannie Sullivan, Grisel Padron, Laura Richardson, Camille Toler, Shawn Montgomery, Kristie Mills, Sarah Perkins, Carla Lee, Sarah Goodwin, Kristen MacNamara, and Jodyrae Campbell…emcee is Laurie Thibaud and Megan Clay is at the piano!!!!  Quite a lineup!!!!!            

STRING MUSICIANS SOUGHT…. The KW Community String Orchestra is seeking those who play violin, cello, viola, etc. at all levels of experience.  For info contact Lyn-Marie at

SOME GREAT HAPPY HOURS…..1)  Alonzo’s…4-6:30… Half price apps and drinks… 2) Blue Macaw… 4-7 pm… $3 drinks including well, beer and wine…and half price apps that are delicious!!!!!!!and entertainment all day…. 3)  Boathouse 4-6 pm half price on all drinks and apps one side of menu…4) The Grand Café, 5-7:30 pm…1/2 price wine, cocktails and beer and half priced appetizers… 5) The Saint…. 4:17-7:14 pm… half price drinks and special priced small plates 6) Little Room Jazz Club…. Reduced prices on food and drinks…. Plus sit around the piano bar at 5:30 pm…..



** SAMUEL’S HOUSE ANNUAL WOMEN OF INTEGRITY/MEN OF VALOR EVENT HELD ON MARCH 28…..  This is quite a special evening and a chance to recognize people in our community who have gone over and above the call of duty to give freely from their hearts….  Those being recognized in various categories are BOBBY NESBITT …JOHN CORREA…. CYNDY LIVINGSTON …JODYRAE CAMPBELL … ALAN BEAUBIEN … PENNY LETO …DIANNA SUTTON … MAURENN DUNLEAVY….BRYAN GREEN…. CAPT. J.R. TORRES ….DAVID WOLKOWSKY…  You can honor any or all of them by attending this annual recognition dinner at the Marriott Beachside Hotel Ballroom. Event is at 6:30 pm….  Tix are $75 and include, program, sit down dinner, and cash bar…. Get tix by calling Tanya Leto at 305-296-0240…. Ex: 118…. Ask to sit at the person you are supporting’s table or to be placed adjacent to their table if their table is already filled.  Hope to see you there!

FARMER’S MARKET EVERY THURSDAY, MARCH 28….At Bayview Park…. Lots of great produce, flowers, crafts, etc.

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 28…. Noon to 5, Michael McCloud…,…. 6:45-11:30 pm, Island Time Duo….

AT THE GARDENS, MARCH 28, APRIL 4,11,18,25… JIMMY OLSON at the piano from 5 to 7 pm….

LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB … MARCH 28….Happy Hour, 5:30 pm…Jazz Duo…. The Peter Diamond Trio at 8:00-11:30 pm… now a full bar and food too!!!

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 28…….The Shanty Hounds perform from 5:30-9:30 pm.

VIV WINE BAR, MARCH 28…..5 courses Argentine and Columbian dinner… $95 per person…. Includes tip and taxes….Wine Pairing  + $50 person…. ViV le bistro, 300 Petronia St. #2….delish latin & Spanish food with wines…..

GREEN PARROT MARCH 28…. Ross Brown’s Cayo Ritmo at 5:30, 9 and 11 pm.

KARAOKE AT AMERICAN LEGION HALL, MARCH 28….From 7 to 10 pm at AMH on Stock Island…..Jerry Downs will be running the show!!!!!

BEREAVEMENT MEETINGS MARCH 28….If you are working your way thru the grieving process, there is support available…every Thurs. at 7:15 pm in the Klaus Murphy Center on the campus of the Basilica of St. Mary on Truman Ave.  All are invited to attend.

COMEDY AT BOTTLECAP… MARCH 28….Comics… will have you howling all night long… I know, we have become groupies! ….Every Thurs and Friday…. 1128 Simonton St.  Note that online, make sure you print the word LOCAL to get a great Local’s Discount.….ALL are hilarious and well-known comedians you do not want to miss.  PLUS, our Local comedians are hysterical and outstanding!!!!!  To get tix go online to March 28, comic is Eric Myers…. 

LATEDA, MARCH 28……3 SUM entertains at 8:30 pm…in the Lounge! Christopher Peterson is in the Crystal Room at 9 pm…

TAVERN N TOWN MARCH 28, APRIL 4, 11,18,25…. Carmen Rodriguez and Michael Thomas perform from 5 to 9 pm….

SMOKIN TUNA, MARCH 28…….Cheap Dates at 1 pm…High South performs at 5 pm….Caffeine Carl & either the Buzz or Friends 9 pm.



****THE TRUE SIT-AROUND- THE- PIANO –BAR- EXPERIENCE LIVES!!..MARCH 22 AND EVERY EVE… When we first moved to Key West one of the most fun things we loved was the chance to actually sit at stools around the Piano at the Pier House when the fabulous Bobby Nesbitt entertained….  If the piano was full, we would wait until someone left and then quickly make our move….Later, Larry Smith kept the tradition going… NOW, this is about to happen once again…this time at THE LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB, at 821 Duval St.!!!!  On March 8 you will have the unique and intimate opportunity to recapture those days of yore….sit around the 7 foot Knave grand piano and be able to place your drink on the piano and be up close and personal with Larry (or whomever the pianist will be)….Larry Smith will kick off this ‘event’ at 5:30 pm on March 8.  You will be able to enjoy the unassuming elegance of a bygone era!  Drink and food specials will be offered at these 5:30 pm Happy Hour soirees!!  We say Bravo!  And congrats to Wayne Larue Smith and Denis Hyland for resurrecting the Little Room Jazz Club and the mystique of the Authentic Piano Bar!!!!

HEADS UP ON JERRY DOWNS NEW GIG…MARCH 29…Aqua Idol 2018 Winner for the Waterfront Playhouse, Jerry Downs, will be performing his classic rock and roll hits at the VFW….2200 N. Roosevelt Blvd… corner of Roosevelt and 4th St. 6:30-9:30 pm… Every Friday night, JERRY D will be the dude’s new name!!!!  Good food & drink at reasonable prices….Half price on drinks from 8 to 10 pm….dinner served until 8 pm every day….Good music and a support for our Veterans…. New grand opening on Feb. 16…

FRIDAY FISH FRIES AT ST. MARY..MAR. 29…. 5 to 7:30 pm….At the Rose Renna Activity Center on Windsor Ln.  All proceeds benefit the Basilica School.  Dinner includes fried fish, conch fritters, pasta salad and dessert.  $12 for adults and $6 for children.

AT THE GARDENS HOTEL, MAR. 29…. Valerie Elam is at the piano from 5 to 7 pm… with Eric Haley singing too!

GRAND VIN, MARCH 29…Seghisio Family Vineyards…. 6 to 8 pm…. 1107 Duval St.

BRIA ANSARA AT BERLINS, MARCH 29…The wonderful Bria sings from 7 to 10 pm at Berlin’s at A & B Lobster House….

THE LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB, MARCH 29….….Happy Hour at 5:30, with Larry Smith….Great Jazz every day…….The finest musicians in town ….8:00-11:30 pm…. Now a full bar and food served too!!! 821 Duval St.     

COMEDY KEY WEST, MARCH 29…. At 1128 Simonton at the Bottlecap…. Great comics every single week!!!!  Showtime is 8:30 pm…. Local comics warm up the crowd with amazing comedy…. LOCAL online get a great discount….  Get ix at  March 29, it’s Eric Myers….

AMERICAN LEGION STARS CHUCK FOX…. MARCH 29….Chuck Fox performs from 7 to 11 pm at the American Legion on Stock Island!!!  He is also singing for Aqua Idol and he is TERIFIC!!!!!!!

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 29,APRIL 5, 12, 19,26…. Mike Emerson performs from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge.

BURLESQUE ON MARCH 29… Every Friday night at Aqua Sidebar, 504 Angela St.  10 pm ….Backroom Burlesque featuring local and touring stars!  Doors open at 9:30 pm….

GREEN PARROT, MARCH 29,30&31…..Funk You at 5:30, 9 and 11 pm. .. at 5:30 only on Sunday.

LITERACY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED…..Call Mary at 305-304-0578 for info.

LATEDA, MARCH 29,…3 Sum at 8:30 pm….Randy Roberts is at 9 pm in the Crystal Room….

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., MARCH 29… Mike Naughton….from 5:30-9:30 pm.

SMOKIN TUNA ON MARCH 29 & 30….Cheap Dates at 5 pm…. Caffeine Carl & Friends at 9 pm….

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 29 & 30….noon to 5, Michael McCloud… 6:45 to 11:30 pm, The Cayo Ritmo Band.

**DANCE KEY WEST & THE LOVE MAXIMUM W/SPECIAL GUEST DAVID DUSYLOVITCH ….MARCH 29…. KW Theater at 512 Eaton…. 7 pm… For tickets go to

AMERICAN BOMBSHELLS CONCERT, MARCH 29….On the grounds of The Little White House….111 Front St….This is a dynamite show with three of the most talented gals ever…headed by the beautiful Stephanie Leone, daughter of Nancy and Ed Swift!  8 pm… get tix at    


*PARTNERS IN PARADISE, APRIL 5… 5:30-7:30 at Tennessee Williams theatre Lobby….5901 College Rd…Help the CFFK congratulate this year’s honorees…… entertainment by Bobby Nesbitt….

FRANGIPANI GALLERY,APRIL 5….New Plein Air paintings by Karen Beauprie and Fran Decker, from 6 to 8 pm…1102 Duval St….Lainie Davia and Helen Rebane will also feature Atocha coins, new jewelry and fused glass.

KEY WEST THEATER’S GRAND GALA, APRIL 12….A Vaudeville inspired event… Enjoy new & old performances that will amaze , and thrill you!  Tix are $150.  Formal attire suggested…. Them attire encouraged…. Food and drink included.  512 Eaton St…. 6 to 10 pm….  Go to www.thekeywesttheater,com for tickets.                   



KEY WEST WALKING TOURS, MAR.30.….Every Saturday at the KW Library…. 700 Fleming St…. Meet there… tours are at two times…10 am and 4:30 pm…. Call 305-293-9291 to reserve.

LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB… MARCH 30….Happy Hour with Larry Smith at 5:30 pm… Entertainment at  8 pm!!!!!  821 Duval St.      

LATEDA, MARCH 30…3 Sum at 8:30 pm in the Lounge…Christopher Peterson in the Crystal Room at 9 pm…

BROWN BAGGING IT BLIND TASTING, MARCH 30…5 to 8 pm at Anchor & Vine Wine Bar, 5510 3rd Ave., Stock Island….Test your wine skills with the brown bag wine tasting.

AT THE GARDENS HOTEL, MAR.30… Piano music from 5 to 7 pm…!!!

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO…MARCH 30… Nick Norman at 1-5 pm …Jeff Clark from 5:30 to 9:30 pm….

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 30, APRIL 6,13,20,27…The divine Bobby Nesbitt is at the piano from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge.….

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 30… Michael McCloud at noon to 5….Last Mangoes Band, 7 to midnight.

KEY WEST BURLSQUE, MARCH 30…. At Aqua Side Bar Back Room….. 8 pm… 504 Angela St…. Show’s theme will be ‘Let’s Misbehave’…. Tribute to the days of bootleg booze and dapper dandies…step into the 20’s with a twist!  Go to for tix.   

BOOKS & BOOKS ON MARCH 30…. Book signing with Mya O’Malley…11 am to 1 pm…New author will be on hand to discuss her books in the Maggie Trilogy:  Maggie, Naomi and Lillie….at 533 Eaton St.

ANNUAL KEY WEST EQUALITY CELEBRATION GALA, MARCH 30…. 5:30-8 PM AT Little White House … 111 Front St….To attend & reserve your tix, RSVP call 305-304-5126 or go to  Music by Terri White …. Food and open bar….Mayor Teri Johnston will be honored for her endless work to protect people of discrimination of any kind…

2ND ANNUAL BREWS & BEER FEST, MARCH 30…VIP, 4-8 pm….General admission, 5 to 8 pm…At Sunset Green at 3820 N. Roosevelt Blvd.   beer from over 20 breweries, pig roast, lawn games, swimming in pool,  entertainment by DJ Gyver… get tix at


MIGRATION MANIA ON APRIL 6….10 am to 2 pm at KW Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden…Lots of amazing events for the entire family…. Located at 5210 College Rd. on Stock Island….For more info visit www.keywestgarden.  Or call 305-296-1504.      

ROAST FOR ANDY GRIFFITHS, APRIL 6…Roast & Roast..celebrate Andy’s 60th birthday at Beachside Marriott Ballroom…cocktails, comedy roast, Pig roast and dancing on the beach…. 5:30-9:30 pm….$100 tix … get at

SOUTH FLORIDA SYMPHONY FINALE CONCERT, APRIL 13… 7:30 pm at Tennessee Williams theatre…. Ravel, Liebermann with Julian Schwartz on cello… Shostakovich …for tix go to     


HAPPY MARCH 31 BIRTHDAY TO…PEGGY MALLOY MONTGOMERY … YOLAN FINDLAY…. JEFF EGLESTON… DONNA STANTON … MICHAEL McMAHON … (Please remember Barbara ‘Please’ Hoffman.)                                                                       HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO…. MARY BORRELL & GENE KNUDSON.

OLD STONE COFFEE HOUSE, MARCH 31……. 9 am to 11 am ….The Shanty Hounds are back performing….Dani Hoy and Chris Rehm… a great duo….Located at 600 Eaton St….next to the United Methodist Church …. great coffee, conversation, and soulful sounds on Sunday morning.  Listen, learn and start your week in a good way!!!

JAZZ BRUNCH AT HARD ROCK…TERRI & LARRY….MARCH 31…. 11 TO 1 PM… AT 313 Duval St. ….Only Sunday Jazz Brunch in Key West…..Great sounds from Terri White and Larry Baeder…..

SMOKIN TUNA SALOON, MARCH 31& APRIL 7….Andy Wescott & the Local Boys.. 9 pm.

JAZZ AT THE GARDENS HOTEL, MARCH 31….Terri White & Friends, 5:30- 8 pm…526 Angela St.  On April 7, it is Peter Diamond & Friends.

IMPROMPTU CONCERT, MARCH 31….Lomazov Rackers Piano Duo….at St. Paul Church on Duval at 4 pm….husband and wife duo of Joseph and Marina Lomazov, will enthrall you with their magnificent piano concert!  Tix are $20.

LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB… MARCH 31….Happy Hour at 5:30 with Larry Smith…. Barry Cuda & the Sharks..…. 8:30-11:30 pm … at 821 Duval St…. FULL bar now and food too!!!

KEY WEST ART & HISTORICAL ….ORDER BRICKS ONLINE… Get your personalized Brick and leave a legacy…. To order online go to  For questions call Kim at 305-295-6616  ext:106.  Bricks are $100… you can personalize up to 3 lines of wording with up to 18 spaces per line.

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO…MARCH 31… Joe the Show from 12:30-4:30 pm…. Chris Thomas from 5:30-9:30 PM..….

SCHOONER WHARF, MARCH 31… Michael McCloud noon to 5 pm….. 6:45-11:00 pm …Black & Skabuddah!!!!

TAVERN N TOWN, MARCH 31, APRIL 7,14,21,28….Rob DiStasi entertains from 5 to 9 pm in the lounge.

THE GREEN PARROT….MARCH 31… Mike Emerson and Jazz noon to 5 pm…

LATEDA, MARCH 31…. Tea Dance at 4 pm….3 Sum at 8:30 pm…

THE SUNDAY RAMBLE, MARCH 31….At KW Theater, 512 Eaton….8 pm… get tickets at

**PARADISE BIG BAND ON MARCH 31…. This is one of Key West’s Treasures…. This dedicated group of wonderful musicians, headed by Joe Dallas, will be performing superb Bib Band Music…. Guest singers… solo numbers… will put big smiles on all your faces….. Get tix at… 8 pm at Tennessee Williams Theatre Main Stage!  Let’s fill the theatre up and support this fabulous Orchestra!!!!!

*TWO ONE-ACT PLAYS BY TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, MARCH 31 AND APRIL 1 … Directed by Stephen Kitsakos, at the Studios, 7:30 pm….Stars Jeffrey Johnson, Arthur Crocker, Kitty Clements, Alain Albertson, and Michael Catledge….Plays are ‘Lifeboat Drill’ and ‘The Kingdom of Earth’….themes of both plays encounter the idea of the unexpected rising of water, not only what lies beneath but also what lies ahead.  533 Eaton St.  Get ix now at

NEW ORLEANS BLUES & BARBECUE, APRIL 7….Noon to 3 pm….Waterfrront Party at home of Kim Gordon and Steve Mizner….entertainment by Ericson Holt, Joe Dallas, Mick Kilgos and songstress, Kim Gordon….Great southern New Orleans style barbecue, ribs, chicken, the works!!!!….food by  Charlie Mac’s and Turtle Kraals….all to benefit Music with Heart… Get tickets at

KEYS CHORAL ARTS SPRING CONCERT, APRIL 7….4 to 6 pm at St. Paul’s church at 401 Duval St…Reception to follow….can buy tix at the door. Or in advance at  $30.  Conductor is Tim Peterson. 

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BREAKFAST, APRIL 7…. At Rose Renna Center at St. Mary on Windsor Ln….. 8 am to noon….$8…. All you can eat… delish… to benefit the MARC House!!!!

**HEAD’S UP ON THE WATERFRONT PLAYHOUSE 80TH SEASON REVEAL…APRIL 14 … This is always an exciting event…and this year will be more exciting than ever!  Be at the Waterfront Playhouse as artistic director, Tom Thayer presents the 2019-2020 Waterfront Playhouse shows to be presented!!!  Time is 5 pm… There will be a cocktail party and appetizers in the sculpture garden right after the announcement!  Open Bar and complimentary food.  Hope to see you there!    



LITTLE ROOM JAZZ CLUB APRIL 1….The long-awaited Little Room Jazz Club is  open …..  Now a FULL Liquor License and Food to order….. Come one and all to this wonderful jewel of a spot in Key West!!!!! 821 Duval St…..Little Room truly caters to the LOCALS in Key West!!!!  Larry Smith Jazz Jam…. Lots of great musicians and singers participate….great fun….reminiscent of when Larry played at The Pier House. 821 Duval St…..

SMOKIN TUNA, APRIL 1& 8,….5 pm, Scott Kirby….Blue Monday with Caffeine Carl & the Buzz at 9 pm…

ISLE OF BONES JAZZ TROMBONE GROUP PERFORMS ON APRIL 1… At Little Room Jazz Club, 821 Duval St….7 to 8:30 pm, prior to Larry Smith’s jazz jam…Joe Dallas Jr. & Sr., Harry Schroeder, George Hemun, Mike Emerson, Gary Rivenson, Skipper Kriptiz,plus Jerry Seeco…arrangements by Harry Schroeder… Donations at the door.

THE GARDENS ON APRIL 1….It is James King III from 5 to 7 pm…..

FRINGE THEATER, APRIL 1…. Plays Out Loud at KW Women’s club… 6 pm… ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’…..It is laid back, easy and Free!  Download the play on a device of your choice.

DUELING BARTENDERS, APRIL 1,8,15,22,29… Every Monday at Aqua Nightclub, 711 Duval St. … Ric Dery along with a special guest singer, entertain while serving drinks…. 5:30 to 8 pm… always great fun!!…

TAVERN N TOWN, APRIL 1,8,15,22,29…. Michael Thomas entertains from 5 to 9 pm in the Lounge!!!

CONCH REPUBLIC SEAFOOD CO., APRIL 1…. The Bahama Boys 5:30-9:30 pm

LATEDA, APRIL 1, 8…. Ronnie Lovely in the Lounge at 8:30 pm….Randy Roberts at 9 pm in the Crystal Room!!!

TASTE OF KEY WEST ON APRIL 15… At Mallory Square…..6 to 9 pm…Get food and beverage tix now at  Many various options.

THANKFUL ON MONDAY…. I give thanks for all the vocalists who will be performing on Tuesday and singing their hearts out for the benefit of the Waterfront Playhouse!!!  I give thanks to all those who were there on Tuesday to support our singers and our Theater!!!!  Hoping In addition, I give extra thanks for these special persons who have touched me in special ways this week….people like Tony Konrath, Laurie Thibaud, Nick Mazza, Rhett Kalman, Ric Dery, Dave Bootle, Terri White, Jerry Downs, Bill Melchior and Bob Wood…and Jim Morris and Keith Dempster…..the entire cast and crew of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN … with a special mention of Wendy Allen and Carmen Rodriguez…. And a very special mention of THANKS TO these very giving and caring people who contributed BIG TIME to the Waterfront Playhouse Aqua Idol Prize Package….…..(In no particular order.)….Drew Wenzel & Mike Mosi of Azur Restaurant…Harpoon Harry’s….dance instructor, Lucy Carleton….singer, Libby York… Kate Miano & The Gardens Hotel ….singer, Bobby Nesbitt …Carol Wightman & the Marquesa Hotel….Bert Whitt & Dennis Beaver of Tennessee Williams Museum…….Roderick Gill & the Commodore, Abbondonza & Duffy’s…Bartender and King, Paul Murphy…. Ellen Steininger …Jeanna Garrido at the Little White House….Kristin LoGerfo and Peter Glicklich …car detailer, Lance Harvey …entertainer, Jimmy Olson… entertainer, Christopher Peterson … La Rubia and Stephanie Hellstrom…photographer, Larry Blackburn …artist, Karen Beauprie… pianist, Megan Clay … Maria Sharpe and The Roost & Mary Ellen’s…artist, Christine Cordone …artist, Dan Metzler… Mark Rossi & Rick’s & Durty Harry’s… Richard Hatch & Blue Heaven and Salute … Neil Chamberlain & Graffitti Men’s Store… Love in Bloom Florist… Leda Andrews & In One Era Antique Shop …Gina Karr & her Gems…. The lovely Kris Pabian … Carolyn Sullivan & Carmello Vitale and the BottleCap ….Wayne Larue Smith & Denis Hyland and Little Room Jazz Club …Kenny Weschler & In Touch Shop on Duval …Ambassador Amy Bondurant….. Lucky Street Gallery … Kim Bryant and Hairapy Salon….author, Eddie Goldstein … Michael Gieda and KWAHS….Susan Puskedra & Susie’s Estate Sales…. Penny Leto & the CoffeeMill… entertainer, Howard Livingston….Philip Amsterdam & The Curry Mansion … that special, Jim Salini….the Tropic Cinema… Bagatelle Restaurant … George Fernandez & Sam Trophia & the KW Butterfly & Nature Conservatory …author/photographer, Carol Tedesco….Bruce Strong and Latitudes Spa donation…philanthropists, June Hudson & Fred Greenberg … Blackfin Restaurant and Mike Castellanos … Chris Shultz & HorsePlay Bar and Tiki Bar….author & photographer, Ralph DePalma …entertainer, Dave Bootle … author, photographer, Michael Philip …Nicole at Paradise Tennis … Laura Richardson of Salt Provisions Gallery … Broadway Baby, Bruce Moore…author, Reef Perkins … author-producer, Hy Conrad … author Rusty Hodgdon … Waterfront Playhouse….Robert Spottswood and Faro Blanco Hotel, Lighthouse Grill & Tavern n Town….author, Joanna Brady …. Jed Dobbs at The Studios …Schuyler Brown & Kevin Assam, of Seaplane shirt Co…. Maria Wevers of Grand Café…carpenter, Kevin Melloncamp …. Chris Elwell and the Elwell Family of royal Furniture …. Philanthropist, Jerry Galeana… Lynn Kaufelt & Cocco at Hands On…. Author Louis Petrone….dynamo, Donna Barnett for attaining nearly $2,800 in prizes, including stays at Fairfield Inn, Spa Package at Ocean Wellness, dinner at Roostica and Hogfish,7 fab FURY adventure Excursions, jewelry creations, Petal & Vines floral shop items, ornaments, etc…. Food Emporium’s Judy & Stanley Zabar… Grace Boutique on Frances…. Kelly Norman at Key West Theater…. Damian De  Angelis of 9-1-5, Bagatelle and First Flight ….Juan Pasini & Val Marmillion of The Peace Store…. Broadway Star, Terri White…. Artist Susan Guadagno …philanthropist, Bunnie Smith… Massage by Erin Makenna at the Hyatt … amazing Donna Stabile and over $700 in donations including, Flamingo Crossing, Blown Away Salon, Frenchie’s Café, Dante’s, Flow Spa, Flaming Buoy, Wanderlust Boutique, Vino’s, Prime Steakhouse, Grand Vin, Nail Bar & Lounge, Keys Coffee Co., IV In the Keys….author Mandy Miles… Kate Miano and her acquiring donations from Onlywood, Lateda, Rooftop Café, Fury Excursions, wine card from d’vine Wine Gallery, plus stay at the Gardens Hotel….sweetheart, Bonnie Piceu… Stuart & Susan Kaufman, and stays at Southernmost Hotel, at The Marker…. Plus dinner at Southernmost Café & Matt’s at the Perry Hotel….actor/playwright, Neal Ruchman … Besame Mucho Shoppe and Meredith Bolong…… Alison Teal and donations from Headlines Salon, Hogfish, Local color, Off the Hook…. The suave Evan Corns… Cocco & Salem Art Gallery …..John & Maribell Maschal and their fab Fudge Shop in NJ… contributors Suzanne Washburne and Rita Linder…. Contributors, Kate Regan & Ken Silverman.…and Mary Ellen& Clayton Beattie… Rebecca Tomlinson at The Fringe…. Kimball Ingram at Aqua Nightclub…. Michael Halpern ….Lara Fox and Danger Charters…. Contributor, Terri Wilson…. Iolanda Stashenko gift donations….Indigo Boutique on Duval St…Jugglers, Bounce Margil & Karen Grant…and of course, husband Bob for his patience, support, his retrieving prizes all over town, listening to my trials and tribulations…Note that: Whenever I send long lists like this, I inevitably seem to somehow miss someone who may have contributed …. And in my trying to make everyone happy somehow forget someone…. So if you feel your name was inadvertently not mentioned, please let me know and I will add it to the list next week.  Just know I meant no harm… I love you all and thank you for being YOU!

LOVE TO YOU, AND REMEMBER…You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you!





NEW SHOP OPENS IN TOWN….SEAPLANE SHIRTS…at 910 Duval St…. created and founded by proprietor Schuyler Brown….She opened this shop just recently.. her Seaplane shops in Provincetown and Palm Springs are thriving!!  Why not Key West.  We LOVE wonderful new shops in town!!!!  These collectible shirts each carry its individual name and limited production number….they are lovable works of art… like all the great folks in Key West!!!  Welcome, Schuyler!

ROCK SOLOMON’S NEW ARTISTS CO-OP…..Rock is putting this together on Truman Ave….with gallery and retail space, plus a stage and a music studio.  He is looking for pro artists, musicians, designers etc. who wish to have access to studio, gallery & performance space.  The co-op will share resources and artists can keep 100% of their commissions.  Musicians can rehearse, record and perform.  Located in old town one block from White St.  For more info contact Rock at 305-570-3000. 

2019 TENNESSEE WILLIAMS POETRY & SHORT STORY WRITING CONTESTS… A CALL FOR POETS & WRITERS…..Please submit works for these contests … $20 submission cost….deadline is March 1….For all details go to  You can also contact Dani Holliday at 305-295-6616 ex:114….All winners will be judged and awards will be presented at the Tennessee Williams Birthday Celebration.

DANCE KEY WEST & KEY WEST THEATER HAVE TEAMED UP….There will be movement and dance classes offered and workshops for all levels…Classes begin on Jan. 14…. The first week is FREE…. Mon., 5-6 pm with Kyla Piscopink….For info on classes at Key West Theater go online to  See about discounte class packages.

EDGARDO AVARADO NEEDS HELP….Local, and beloved Author Edgardo was injured by a car on S. Roosevelt on Oct. 12 and is badly in need of financial help.  a Go fund me page has been set up for him at .  (sure hope I got this right!)

FAREWELL TO REV. LARRY HOOPER!…Rev. Larry Hooper has retired.  His last service was on March 3….He and Kathy will be deeply missed!!!  They are on their way to begin a new exciting life and we wish them well….

LIBRARY THEME SET FOR TENN. WILLIAMS CELEBRATION…..This event runs March 6 thru April 1 at various venues in KW. For info and details go to    

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A CATHOLIC OR BEING CONFIRMED?…. The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults will hold classes at the Klaus Murphy Center from 7:15-8:30 pm….  For info call 305-294-1018 or Deacon Batty at 305-797-0656. 

TROPIC CINEMA SEEKS VOLUNTEERS…..For info call John at 305-295-9493 or go to  Training is provided.  ‘Payment’ is free movie passes and popcorn for each shift worked.

WRITE A LETTER TO CHANGE NAME OF BALLAST KEY TO DAVID WOLKOWSKY KEY ..  Letters of support for this name change are requested in order to influence the final decision for the name change at the federal level.  Write a letter explaining why you feel the Island, Ballast Key, should be renamed after its owner, Mr. Key West, the late, great David Wolkowsky.  Write and send to Kim Lipsky at  The Island will become a center for scientific research and part of the KW National Wildlife Refuge.  Please participate.

KEY WEST TROPICAL FOREST & BOTANIC GARDEN SEEKS BOARD MEMBERS…  This non profit is looking for interested Board Members….particularly that of Treasurer … term is two years…..If interested send a letter to Key West Botanical Garden 5210 College Rd., Key West, FL 33040.  Or email

BUY CD FROM ‘A DOG STORY’…..Gayla Morgan and Eric Weinberger are basking in the success of their play, A DOG STORY, and the cast album is out…and it is a delight!  To buy, go to  Truly is…’one dog-gone great CD!!!!’

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR REEF RELIEF….For info call 305-294-3100.

NEED A DJ?….Call Jimmy Jamz at 305-923-7401 for great entertainment and music at your function or party!!!

STAR OF THE SEA OUTREACH MISSION NEEDS VOLUNTEERS….To help with the food pantry on Stock Island….This mission serves hundreds of the community’s needy operating Mon-Fri.  Call Donna at 305-407-5967 for info.

SHAL SEELS VOLUNTEERS…Southernmost Homeless Assistance League has begun serving an evening meal each day at the homeless shelter with food from the Soup Kitchen….Volunteers are needed to help.  For info call John Miller at 502-876-5092.

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS EXHIBIT:…..513 Truman Ave….This wonderful Museum is now open under the auspices of the Key West Art & Historical Society with founder, Dennis Beaver as its curator.  Visitors and Locals are invited to tour this preserved and showcased collection of historic, archival objects that promote the importance of Williams’s legacy and offers the largest collection of his memorabilia and artifacts available to the public.  Open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm…. Admission: Adults $7. … Children under 6 Free…. KWAHS Members: Free… For more info call 305-204-4527. 

HUGH’S VIEW AT THE STUDIOS…..Over $300,000 has been raised for this project… but more is needed to make this dream a reality!  Make donations to TSKW and indicate your donation is specifically for HUGH’S VIEW, and send to Jeffrey Ware at 1400 Olivia St., KW, 33040.  This is a separate fundraiser from any others at The Studio.  The plan is to create a lovely Rooftop Garden atop the new Studios Bldg on Eaton St… will provide a marvelous panoramic view of Key West…and since La Concha shut its doors to us, it will be most welcome indeed.  For more info, contact Jeffrey at  For those who are wondering who Hugh is…. He was the most adorable father of Jeffrey Ware, who left his mark in Key West….who loved it here, and who passed away, from this earthly home, but not from our hearts!  Hoping to raise enough money to make Hugh’s View a reality….  And that we can all gather together, lift our glasses from atop the Garden, and toast to HUGH’S VIEW!!!!!

KW TROPICAL FOREST & BOTANIC GARDEN, NEEDS VOLUNTEERS….To volunteer please call 305-296-1504. 

GRACE ON FRANCES STREET….This is a glorious shop at 6oo Frances….a lush newer addition to Key West’s upscale shopping scene…one of a kind items … spectacular jewelry….Japanese ceramics….cashmere from the Himalayas… the softest and finest you ever touched….Gorgeous items from India, Africa, the Orient, and Europe….a worldwide search to find the BEST of Everything’ for your pleasure. It offers luxury to the nth degree….you will feel with all your senses.  Please stop by…take your time and savor everything within……open daily, at the corner of Southard!   Owned by Wendy Asplundh, she of the exquisite taste… and her great and dedicated staff includes Samantha Rivier, Dorthe Thure, and Jolie Witherow.

LA RUBIA KEY WEST….….Stephanie Hellstrom (THE Blonde!) is the owner of this new delightful shop at 510 Fleming St….next to Assortment….You can purchase hand woven Panama hats, handcrafted wearable accessories, and organic chocolates from Ecuador…. along with handbags, scarves, bamboo wraps, jewelry and more.  What a pleasure it is to have some unique and interesting new shops in Key West!!!  Congrats to Stephanie. Call 296-6059 for more details!!!

TAKE STOCK IN CHILDREN ORG. SEEKS VOLUNTEERS…..This marvelous, award winning scholarship program mentoring group is looking for giving souls to help mentor 50 some qualified students from lower income families ….They cannot be admitted unless a volunteer steps forward.  It takes less than an hour each week.  Call Chuck Licis, program coordinator at 305-394-7974 or e-mail him at

CUSTOM HOUSE & LIGHTHOUSE MUSEUMS ARE SEEKING VOLUNTEERS…If you have a few hours to offer as a docent, archives asst., exhibit builder, or event volunteer, please offer your services!

GRIEF COUNSELING….Bereavement Meetings are available every Thursday at 7:15 pm at the Renewal Center at St. Mary’s.  All needing bereavement support are invited….for more info call VELMA CHRISTIAN at 305-294-9380….. or 305-294-1018.  You are not alone.  Note that VELMA is one of the dearest persons in all of Key West.



Azur Restaurant, 4 gift certifs. Thanks to Drew Wenzel & Mike Mosi…value $250

Harpoon Harry’s…3 gift cards, $100. (thanks to Bob Frechette)

Salsa Lessons donated by Lucy Carleton, value, $200

Libby York CD’s value is $80

Overnight stay at Marquesa Hotel,  Thanks to Carol Wightman, value, $615.

Bert Whitt & Dennis Beaver thanks for donation of $100 to Aqua Idol

Abbondonza Restaurant, $150, thanks to Roderick Gill

Duffy’s donated by Roderick Gill, $75

Commodore Restaurant, $100 thanks to Roderick Gill

Bloody Mary Party for 10, donated by Paul Murphy, value, $500

Ellen Steininger, $300 toward Aqua Idol

Dinner at Marquesa Restaurant, $125, thanks to Carol Wightman

Passes to Little White House, thanks to Jeanna Garrido, value is $360

Two night stay in NYC apt., thanks to Kristin LoGerfo & Peter Glicklich, $1,000 value

Complete Car Detailing by Lance Harvey, value is $250

Two Hours of Piano playing at a private party, thanks to Jimmy Olson, $250

Two tix to Christopher Peterson’s Eyecons Show at Lateda, value is $65

Two night stay at country home near Nyack, NY, thanks to Kristin LoGerfo, value is $1,500

La Rubia Gift Certificate, thanks to Stephanie Hellstrom, value is $25

Matted prints by artist Karen Beauprie, valued at $160

Private Juggling Party for 6 thanks to Bounce Margil & Karen Grant… $250.

6 gift certificates to The Roost, thanks to Maria Sharpe, value is $300

6 gift certificates to Mary Ellen compliments of Maria Sharpe, value is $300

Original watercolor by Christine Cordone, value is $400

Three hand crafted pens by artist, Dan Metzler, value is $315

Cocco & Salem art Gallery, donation 3 Jim Salem matted and signed prints valued at $350.  

6 CD’s donated by Bobby Nesbitt, value $120.

4 gift certificates to Rick’s, thanks to Mark Rossi, value is $100

Gift certificates to Blue Heaven, thanks to Richard Hatch, value is $100

Gift certifs. To Salute, thanks to Richard Hatch, value is $100.

4 Gift certificates to Graffitti Men’s Store, thanks to Neil Chamberlain, value is $250

Gift certificate to Love In Bloom Florist, value is $35

In One Era Antique shop, vintage bracelet thanks to Leda Andrews, valued at $50.

Gina’s Gems, thanks to Gina Karr, value is $100

Kris Pabian, $300 for Aqua Idol contestants

4 Sets of Comedy Club tix and bar tabs at BottleCap, thanks to Carolyn Sullivan and Carmello Vitale.value $240

6 Gift Certificates to Little Room Jazz Club, thanks to Wayne Larue Smith, value is $300

Gift Certificates to In Touch Store, thanks to Kenny Weschler, value is $100

Cash to Aqua Idol from Amy Bondurant, $250

Hairapy Salon, $200 value, thanks to Kim Bryant

Book by Eddie Goldstein, value is $25

Key West Art & Historical Society … 2 mem-berships at $200 … Gift Certificates, $250 … Gust passes, $144… Value is $594.

Susie’s Estate Sale… 4 gift certificates, value is $100…thanks to Susan Puskedra

CoffeeMill Dance Studio, thanks to Penny Leto, value is $50.

CD’s donated by Howard Livingston, value is $240

3 Day/2 night stay at Curry Mansion, thanks to Philip Amsterdam… value is $720.

Cash donation by Jim Salini, $100.

Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, Morpho passes, value is $385…thanks to George Fernandez and Sam Trophia

4 books by Carol Tedesco, value is $60

Spa Package at Latitudes, thanks to Bruce Strong, value is $216

Cash donation by June Hudson & Fred Greenberg, $100

6 gift certificates to Blackfin Restaurant, thanks to Michael Castellanos and obtained by Wayne Larue Smith $300 value

Gift Certifs to General Horseplay Bar, thanks to Chris Shultz, value is $100

Gift Certificates to The Tiki Bar, value is $100, and thanks to Chris Shultz

Cash donation by Kate Miano, $500

6 books by Ralph DePalma, value is $180

Case of CD’s by Dave Bootle, value is $1,040

Books by Michael Philip,value is $100

Paradise Tennis at 1800 Atlantic… Drill or lesson value is $45, thanks to Nicole.

Gift Certifs from Salt Provisions Gallery, thanks to Laura Richardson, value is $100

4 CD’s by Bruce Moore, value is $80

4 books by Reef Perkins, value is $60

Weekend Stay at beautiful New Hampshire Home, value is $1,500… thanks to Jimmy Olson

Books by Hy Conrad, valued at $100

Books by Rusty Hodgdon, value is $100

Waterfront Playhouse,  sets of tix to last two shows….$1,200.

2 Night Stay at Faro Blanco Hotel, $750. … thanks to Robert Spottswood

Dinner at Lighthouse Grill at  Faro Blanco resort… $50.. thanks to Robert Spottswood

Tavern n Town, gift certificate, $50, thanks to Robert Spottswood.

Books by Joanna Brady, value is $100

Donations by the Studios…Membership and money toward shows…. $250.  Thanks to Jed Dobbs.

Seaplane Shirts Men’s Store, gift certificates thanks to Schuyler Brown, value is $200

Gift Certificates to Grand Café, $70 value, thanks to Maria Wevers

Cash donation from Kevin Melloncamp, $200

Royal Furniture gift certificates, value is $850, thanks to Chris Elwell

Gift Card from The Tropic Cinema, thanks to Jim Salini, value is $50

Cash donation from Jerry Galeana, $1,000.

Hands On Women’s Shoppe, thanks to Lynn Kaufelt, value is $250 (necklace)

4 books by Louis Petrone, $60

Two one night stays at Fairfield Inn, value is $500…thanks to Donna Barnett

Gift Certificates from Bagatelle, First Flight or Nine One Five, value is $240..thanks to Damian DeAngelis

Pair of tix to two shows at Key West Theater, thanks to Kelly Norman, value is $120

Earrings from Grace on Frances, value is $60

4 Gift Certificates from Zabars in NYC, donated by Stanley & Judy Zabar, $200

Roostica Restaurant, $50, thanks to Donna Barnett

Ocean Wellness Spa… value, $120 … thanks to Donna Barnett

FURY, Commotion on the Ocean, value, $115.90, thanks to Donna Barnett

FURY Dophin Watch … value, $150., thanks to Donna Barnett

FURY Island Adventure, value $220, thanks to Donna Barnett.

FURY, Parasailing for 2, value is $116, thanks to Donna Barnett

FURY, Snorkel for 2, value is $100., thanks to Donna Barnett

FURY. Ultimate Express, value is $240, thanks to Donna Barnett.

FURY, Ultimate Adventure, value is $310 .. thanks to Donna Barnett

2 gift Certificates from Petals & Vines Florist, value $100… thanks to Donna Barnett

6 CD’s by Terri White, value is $120

3 Necklaces created and donated by Donna Barnett, valued at $175.

Ornament valued at $30, donated by Donna Barnett

Gift Certificates from The Peace Store, thanks  to Juan Pisani, value is $100

Massage by Erin McKenna, value is $144

Assorted matted photos by Larry Blackburn

Framed Aqua Idol Award by artist Susan Guadagno..priceless… $500

Cash donation by Bunnie Smith, $500

Flamingo Crossing Gift Cert., $20, from Donna Stabile

Blown Away Salon, $50 service, thanks to Donna Stabile

Frenchie’s Café, $25 thanks to Donna Stabile

Dante’s $50, thanks to Donna Stabile

Flow Spa, $50, thanks to Donna Stabile

Flaming Buoy, $75, thanks to Donna Stabile

Wanderlust Boutique, $25, thanks to Donna Stabile

Vino’s, $30, thanks to Donna Stabile

Nail Bar & Lounge, $30, thanks to Donna Stabile

Prime Restaurant, $100, thanks to Donna Stabile

Grand Vin, $25, thanks to Donna Stabile

Keys Coffee Co., $20, thanks to Donna Stabile

IV In the Keys, $200….thanks to Donna Stabile

Butterfly Conservatory cash gift, $200

6 books by Mandy Miles, value is $120

Onlywood Restaurant, $25, thanks to Kate Miano

4 wine cards from Dvine Wine Gallery, $100, donated by Kate Miano

One night stay at The Gardens Hotel, $600, thanks to Kate Miano

LaTeDa Restaurant, $50…thanks to Kate Miano.

FURY for two… value is $220..thanks to Kate Miano.

Rooftop Café Restaurant, $100, value is $100…thanks to Kate Miano….

Cash donation $250, thanks to Bonnie Piceu

2 night stay at Southernmost Beach Resort, value is $750..thanks to Sstuart Kaufman

2 night stay at The Marker Hotel, $1,000 ..thanks to Stuart Kaufman

Cash donation by Neal Ruchman, $250

Dinner at Southernmost Beach Café… $200 and thanks to Stuart Kaufman

Matt’s at Perry Hotel, $100… thanks to Stuart Kaufman

Gift Certificates to restaurants by Chris Elwell, $700

Besame Mucho gift bag, $50, thanks to Amy Bondurant

Headlines Salon, $50 thanks to Alison Teal

Hogfish/Roostica Restaurant, $25 thanks to Alison Teal

Local Color Shop,. $50, thanks to Alison Teal

Off the Hook Restaurant, $25 thanks to Alison Teal

Cash donation from Evan Corns, $250

 Waterfront Playhouse Prize Package donation $1,000.

Fudge donated by John Maschal…gift certificates… value is $120.

Cash donation by Suzanne Washburn, $200

Cash donation by Rita Linder, $100

Cash donation by Mary Ellen & Clayton Beattie, $200

Cash donation by Kate Regan & Ken Silverman, $250

Fringe Theater, 2 tix to Spring Musical, $100,thanks to Rebecca Tomlinson

Donation to Prize Package $1,500 from Kimball Ingram, Aqua Nightclub.

Indigo Boutique, gift certificate, $100

Lucky Street Gallery, $200 value, thanks to Amy Bondurant. 

Assorted gift items donated by Lynda Frechette, valued at $250.

Gift Certificates from Café Sole, thanks to Judy & John Correa…$100.

Piano music played at a private party, thanks to Megan Clay, value is $250 for 2 hours.

$100 donation from Terri Wilson

Danger Charters…$720 in certificates thanks to Lara Fox

Gift donations thanks to Iolanda Stashenko, valued at $157.

Thanks to Michael Halpern for $125 gift certificate to Southernmost Mansion bar and grill.

                                                       THE ARIES PERSONALITY…MARCH 21 THROUGH APRIL 20

It is hard to ignore the Arien….they have so much personality and vitality, making them the sort of people who like to be noticed!  They hate taking back seat in life and will do anything to prevent it!  They are natural leaders, not followers.  The last thing any Arien wants to do is carry out other people’s orders or be at their beck and call.  They loathe being just one of the crowd, and this attitude doesn’t change as they get older.  They have to be in control of situations and do not like it one bit when it is the other way around.  Life is very black & white for Ariens, with no grey area.    They are very idealistic, and always have high expectations that things will turn out well.  They have a burning desire to achieve…have an infectious enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit.  An Arien without a goal is a sad sight, as they are lost without anything to aim for.  They are easy to lose their tempers but it is all over in a flash.  One minute they may be shouting their heads off and the next they have forgotten all about it.  They do have a problem with bluntness…they like to tell it like it is and this sometimes leads to hurt feelings when they go too far and do not realize the impact of their words.  They are outspoken….and if they curb that it would take so much fun out of things!  In love, they dream of fairytale romances…they love the thrill of the chase, often finding it the most exciting part of a relationship….often cooling off when they get what they want.  Their generous spirit and warm personality make them wonderful friends and delightful lovers.  Sex is very important to them and they enjoy a very physical relationship with their partners.  They have the utmost faith and trust in people.  They fall in love easily and invest everything in their lover.  Their hearts are shattered when that partner fails to live up to their expectations.  They have a tendency to put loved ones on a pedestal, thinking they can do no wrong.  All is great while they are on that pedestal but the moment they turn out to be human, the Arien is crushed and let down and in lots of pain.  However, Ariens do not learn from their mistakes and often repeat them over and over again!  The best signs for an Aries are Capricorn, Gemini, and Scorpio.  In careers, the Arien cannot be tied down as they are free spirits.  They must have a job with room to breathe.  They hate having a job which requires  them to account for their every action.  They will become bored and frustrated in these situations.  They prefer being self-employed because most Ariens have a low opinion of their higher ups.  Their competitive nature makes them natural freelancers…they love coming up with new ideas.  Jobs like engineering, mechanics, the armed services, and sports appeal to Ariens.  They are better at dreaming up ideas than in following them.  They cannot live without money…love spending it and are suckers for impulse buys.  They love spending on cars, special bikes, and are attracted to speed and danger.  They are also very generous and spend lots of money on friends and loved ones.  Saving money is not as interesting to an Arien as spending it.  They live for today and not to morrow!!


 Please read the lists below and take time to add their names to your datebooks so you can reach out to them on their special days!!!



3/21…Jerry Downs….Clifford Nowak…Scott Muir…Luis Vera….

3/22…Rhett Kalman…Rafael Gonzalez…Darold Leto…Judy Kovats

3/23…Kim Gordon…Amy Scalise…Pam Spence…Newt Ruch….

3/24…Chloe Hodgdon….Nora Monico….Robin Hansel…Mary Borrell…Josh Khalil….Lindsey Hillegas…..(Please remember Dennis Wade.)

3/25…Hy Conrad…Doug Stripp…Alice Justavich Kelly ….. Jeanette Partilla…. (Remember Rose Frechette and Fran Verral & Harry Ruchman.)

3/26…Jana Krejcirova…Cameron Murray…Kevin Melloncamp…Judy Pingston…Kenny Chesney…Glenda Rowley…(Please remember Tennessee Williams. )

3/27…..Ray Baker…..Roger Nelson….Deborah Goldman…Stephanie Sander….Carina Borders.

3/28…Pam Lopez…. (Please remember Kathy Melendy…)

3/29…Brenda Callahan …..Marc Crow…Jennifer Stevens…Kathy Stevens…Patti Roberts…Laurel Denny…(Please remember John Wickes and Stella Winiarski.)

3/30…Carol Burnham…Danny Carter….

3/31…Peggy Malloy Montgomery…..Jeff Egleston….…Yolan Findlay…Michael McMahon…Donna Stanton..(Please remember Barbara Please Hoffman!)

4/1…Lee Skillington…Mary Ellen Lapp….Alan Beaubien….John Smythe….Mary Lou Ferris…Franco Piacibello…David Marshall…

4/2…Anne Stevens…..Harry Schroeder….Stephanie Skylar….Terry Jeffers….

4/3….Tommy Wilson…Dee Dee Duecker…Chris Clifton….

4/4…George Sanders…Jenny Emerson…Billy Piscopo…Brian Taylor…..Suzie Byrd….(Please take time to remember Kitty Green and Art Gasior!)

4/5…..Lucy Carlton….Gordon Keiser..John Hamilton…Rita Brown Troxel…Bill Melchior…Dora Gholson…Peter King…

4/6….George Rutgers…..Sue Forti…(Please take time to remember Larry Harvey and Virginia Molzan.)

4/7…Mike Gillis…..…Bob Brown…Christian Monzon…(Please remember Dick Buckheim.)

4/8…Peter Arnow…Jack Eaton….Arlene Machor

4/9…..Jeffrey Harwell…Bill Roberts…Barry  Philipson….Bob Scott…Richard Smolik…Pat Smith

4/10…Donna Barnett…Marilyn Maye…Ann Guth……Landon Bradbary…Janice Gruber…Renny Stevens…Carol Kiwala…(Please remember Theresa Wise.)

4/11….Rhena Dahlgren…Bob Pabian ….Michael Popovich….Laurie Jordan Nick……Jim Blahnik…West Valentino Internicola.

4/12…J.T.Thompson….Rick Worth…..Nina Crooks…Chris Skinner…Matt Zintsmaster…Keidi Ehrgott

4/13…..Annie Miners….Loretta Foreman…Liz Callaway….Don Bearden…

4/14…..Pam Vereb…Iolanda Stashenko….William Trem

4/15…Ken Peskett…Wendy Zintsmaster….Gina Maseratti…Lacy at the Oaks!!!!

4/16… Denise Chikelis…Valsin Marmillion ….Brenda Bodner…

4/17…..Vincent Zito……Julie Paterson…Phyllis Kaschub…Mike Eppenhart…Les Steele..(Please remember Tom Oosterhoudt.)

4/18….Chip Allen….Heather- Mae Potter…Gayle Miller…

4/19….Jim Salem….Walter Schmida…..Jackie O’Neil

4/20…..Amy Laura Bondurant ….Robert Spottswood…Jane Rohrschneider Carper……Sheri Lohr….Bob Esty …Christy Ryan Mack…(Please remember Mark Barauck and Marie Knox.)



3/21…..Pat & Dave Livesay…….

3/22….Roger & Nancy Nelson……..and…….Roberta & Basel Markow

3/23… Amy Bondurant & David Dunn

3/24…Amy & Wayne Cleveland

3/26…..Bonnie Piceu & Paul Dietz

3/30…..Vincent Zito and Cameron Murray

3/31….Mary Borrell & Eugene Knudsen

4/5….Craig & Patti Roberts….

4/6…..Linda Curtis & Tim Skoh…

4/7…..Dick Norford and Kay Fullen…..Carolyn & Bob Scott

4/10… Please remember Phil & Josephine Ricca.

4/11…..Nancy Moulton & Diana Davis

4/12…..Patti and Carl McMackin… Juan Pisani & Val Marmillion ….

4/13… Helen Walker and Leo Waters…

4/14…. Peter & Holly Ilaqua….

4/17…..Danny Weathers and Alan Melnick

4/18…Amanda & Daniel Garcia

4/19…..Joe & Beth Pizzo…..Ric Dery and Tandin….

4/20…..Eric & Julie Johnston…..

 If you are one of those fascinating Ariens described above, please let me know if the description pertains to you in any way.  If you are a reader of mine, and would like to be added to the Birthday/Anniversary Lists, please let me know by e-mailing me at and I will be glad to put you on the list.  The whole purpose is so that those reading it may see some one they know and then reach out to them on their special days….a nice and easy way to build community and spread love and joy to those we know.  Just send me the month & day of your birthday or anniversary if applies, and you will be added.  Love, and Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all our Arien friends and family members!!!!    Lynda



























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