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Friday | February 28, 2020

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  1. October 15, 2009

    Awesome place to spend an afternoon or evening. It seems like it houses a lot of independent/ small films which is so Key West. During my whole trip, I was soaking up the art so to top it off with small film was awesome and something I probably wouldn’t do if I wasn’t on vacation.

    And the atmosphere was great to… it had a miami beach art deco feel with small theaters for intimate viewing. It was a great place to escape the heat for a few hours.


Tropic Cinema

For years, the lament in Key West over the slim pickings of films offered by the local multiplex was like talking about the weather. Everyone deplored it, but no one did much of anything about it. It was against that backdrop that a small group of film buffs put out a call in 1998, seeking volunteers interested in rejuvenating the local cinema scene, while another group was trying to figure out where and how it could be done. They joined forces and tapped into a well-spring of community interest. Volunteers crowded meetings, offer ideas, suggestions and help for a project to bring alternative film to town. Working committees were formed to search out venues, track down film sources, and round up projection equipment. The talk quickly moved from planning for "next year" to doing something right away, and it happened. From the gala opening fund raiser, the Key West premiere of Roberto Begnini's Life is Beautiful, to the first Key West International Festival of New Cinema, the Conch Republic has begun to see the best of independent, foreign and alternative movies. Membership in the Key West Film Society is a wonderful opportunity for you to help yourself, and help support an important Key West cultural institution. We offer a variety of membership opportunities. ° All members receive discount tickets to shows. ° All memberships are fully deductible by virtue of the Film Society's status as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. ° All memberships are valid for a full twelve months from the date of purchase. ° Memberships start at only $35 for an individual or $60 for a couple (with even lower rates for teachers/students/military) Choose a basic membership, or an enhanced membership with extra perks, but please join and help support the ongoing programs at the Tropic Cinema. Membership dues are a critical source of financial support for the theater. We need you!

  • Tropic Cinema
  • 416 Eaton Street
  • FL 33040
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