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Wednesday | August 5, 2020

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Key West By The Sea Realty

KEY WEST BY THE SEA RENTALS & SALES, INC owned by Gale Shepard, Broker is a property management operation that maintains condominiums and homes for over 60 properties around Key West and the Lower Keys. I have been managing properties in Lower Keys for nearly 20 years and manage long and short term rentals for local, absentee, foreign and oversees ownership. Sometimes owners want to have their home rented or just professionally looked after during their absence whether it be for routine checks or overseeing remodeling by contractors. Some owners wish to have their hurricane shutters installed, closed or opened. I will do this as long as they are in excellent condition and only require closing and opening. (I do not put up hurricane panels.) Owners always want to know exactly what happened to their properties after a storm. It is very unlikely that i will ever leave Key West because of a pending hurricane. I can schedule and supervise storm repairs. Whatever the situation, if you wish to have your property looked after, I can do it best.

  • Key West By The Sea Realty
  • PO Box 5515
  • Key West, FL 33045
  • 305-294-6069
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